Saturday 28 November, 2020

12 activities Bajans are missing due to COVID-19 curfew, restrictions

Zulu International (FILE)

Zulu International (FILE)

COVID-19 is boring holes in Bajan culture.

Grand Kadooment, Junior Kadooment, all de monarchs - Crop Over is cancelled. NIFCA is cancelled. Interschool Sports was cancelled. May Day walks were cancelled. Easter services were cancelled. Buying food from vans roadside is cancelled. Standing up and licking yuh mout when you run into old classmates or family is cancelled. Bus rides on the old-time bus or big blue buses to sightsee are cancelled. Packing into a PSV or ZR like sardines is cancelled. Well, to be honest, the last one we don't miss. But a lot of what makes Bajans Bajan has been cancelled.

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Barbadians may be going out of their minds with boredom indoors now, because usually, we would be going into the sweetest festival mode right this minute. With Brunches, Breakfast parties, night fetes and band launches starting earlier and earlier each year, 2020's event calender was shaping up real nice from since January to be a packed May/June/July and big bang first week of August.

There is a hole in the heart of many Barbadians right now. The country is re-opening in phases but some of Bajans' favourite activities, even outside of Crop Over, are still out of bounds.

The beach has reopened for three hours daily between 6 am to 9 am, but with social distancing in place, it's not the same for some who usually a make a day out of the beach, picnic, drinks and all.

Barbadians have a rich culture and there is a void created by COVID-19.

Everyone may not be missing fete after fete, but here is a list of 10 things, and most Bajans are missing at least two if not all 12 of these activities:

  1. Afterwork limes especially on Fridays / Gas station Sunday night limes/Car limes
  2. Going by mum or granny on Sundays for lunch
  3. Plane watching
  4. Youth group
  5. Going to the Drive-In
  6. Pudding and souse limes on Saturday/Seacat limes
  7. Q in the Community
  8. MC Buccaneer /Jolly Roger / Bliss / Dream Chaser cruises
  9. Swan Street on a Saturday
  10. Oistins Bay Gardens Fridays and Saturdays
  11. Dominoes and brags at de rum shop/corner shop
  12. Promo CD limes


What are you missing most now?

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