Saturday 17 November, 2018

10 Crop Over releases that turn ten in 2017

Mistah Dale's hit Soca Junkie was released in 2007.

Mistah Dale's hit Soca Junkie was released in 2007.

Where did the time go?

It seems like just the other day these hits were fresh out the studio and sending waistlines into a frenzy across the Caribbean and the Diaspora.

Check out these 10 soca songs that are turning 10 this Crop Over!

1. Me and You (Don Trent)

This was the track that introduced Don Trent to the Bajan soca scene and the ladies lapped it up. And still sounding sweet a decade later! 


2. Badman (Sicki)

Troy Special brought out his alter-ego, Sicki to ask the all-important question: Who say badman can't wuk?


3. Pumpin' (Peter Ram)

Peter Ram has been making the party move for a long time and it was no different with the pulsating track. Raise your hands if you used to mumble a whole mess of words for the chorus before loudly yelling, 'PUMPIIIIING!'


4. Tempo (Nard)

Cheese on bread! Nard's comical image and lyrics and unique performance style propelled him onto stages everywhere when he released Tempo. 


5. Curry Wine (John Mahameed)

You can't mention Nard without mentioning John Mahameed. These two went on to give us many comical collaborations. Take a trip down memory lane with one of John Mahameed's early releases.


6. Sweat (Hypasounds)

Hypasounds has been giving us a 'sugar rush' for a long time! He followed up his 2006 breakout hit Sunshine Girl with this sweet soca track, Sweat.


7. Where I Wanna Be (Edwin Yearwood/Krosfyah)

The energy in this track was crazy! When Krosfyah hit the stage with this one, it's definitely where you wanted to be. P.S. Who's missing Tim's on De Highway?


8. Conch (Lil Rick)

Lyrics, Bajanisms and a nice groovy tune - Lil Rick kept fans rocking with this tune. Who's hungry?


9. Carnival Symphony (Kimberley Inniss)

Kimberley burst onto the soca scene with a unique sound and this 2007 release was a hit as she showcased her masterful vocal range.


10. Soca Junkie (Mistah Dale)

This was one of the biggest hits for Crop Over 2007, winning both the Road March and the People's Monarch vote. Soca lovers everywhere can relate - 'We come here to F-E-T-E!'



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