Saturday 19 September, 2020

10 Signs you are becoming a 'true true' Bajan adult

Frozen chicken (FILE)

Frozen chicken (FILE)

Adulting is hard but some of Barbados' youth and young adults are truly keeping the Bajan culture alive as they grow older.

Not sure if you're becoming another version of your mother, father, or grandparents, take a look in the mirror truly or check out the examples below. If more than six of the scenarios apply to you, then you are one of Barbados' next generation of Bajans.

1. Changing cushion covers

Do you know about taking the cushions to an upholstery person and getting covers, even changing the "chairbacks" for the dining set chairs? Is this one of your Christmas chores? Do you consider the chair covers when buying or choosing curtains?

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2. 'Tek yuh feet out de chair'

Are you now asking people who come over to your home not to put their feet up in your chairs? Are you cringing inside when the person or child drops their knee(s) in the chair before they sit?

3. Pigtail

Is rice and peas, rice and peas if you do not boil the peas with a piece of pigtail or "salt meat" first? 

4. Put up de food

Are you very concerned about the food on the stove that was cooked today? Are you getting up at 5 pm and packing food into containers and putting it into the fridge because you don't want it to "go off"?

5. Frozen chicken

Do you feel joy when you call your child to tell him or her, "Tek down de chicken out de freezer and put it in de sink"? Better yet, do you secretly hope that he or she forgets to complete this chore just so you can share licks like peas when you get home?

6. Lights on/off

"Come and hit this light switch fuh me!" Saying this gives you a thrill? Or do you yell, "Who leff on dese lights and nobody ain't in hay? When it ain't de light um is de fan or de TV."

7. 'Are you standing up?'

If you ask this question in your house and do not even care if the answer is 'no', so then you still ask the favour like, "Come and pass me this remote", you are for sure becoming a Bajan adult.

8. Water

If you are asking everyone 'going in the fridge' to, "Bring me uh glass uh water as yuh in de kitchen!" or yelling, "Who left this pipe dripping? Shut off de pipe nuh!" or worse yet, have you started timing showers, "Nobody don't need nuh half hour tuh bade! You wasting water ting. You don't pay nuh bills in hay"

9. Asking obvious questions

Calls friend's house, "Part you is? You home?" ... Sees Fabian in de supermarket, "Wuh wuh you doing in hay?" ... Hears Mary say she does not know Janice's second son, yet you ask, "Seriously? Mary you ain't know Janice last boy? He dark and tall not red like de first wun. You KNOW HE! I mean Janice last boy, de second wun, cause she only got de two uh dem. You ain't know she last child, de lil boy?"

10. Throwing people down memory lane

Oh geez, last time I saw you you were... 

Please don't stop being Bajan. It is people like you who keep our culture thriving. Thank you!

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