Wednesday 12 August, 2020

10 snacks to make A Bajan Road Trip: Route 53 great

Hills corncurls

Hills corncurls

With 52 days to Independence Day, and A Bajan Road Trip: Route 53 planned, a host of Bajan snacks are in high demand.

What Bajan snacks would make a road trip around the island great? Here are 10:

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1. Tamarind Balls (Do you add water, squish and suck the sugary sweetness out the bag?)

2. Hills corncurls (Get the pack with the Bumble Bee at the back)

3. Gooseberry syrup

4. Sugar Daddies/Sugar Sticks (Which name do you use?)

5. Rusk/Dog biscuits (Ever had some from Larry's Bakery in Britton's Hill?)

6. Bon Bon lollipops (We prefer the red ones - the old-time red ones with the velvety, sticky layer of sweetness)

7. BBQ Stix (Was the purple and green ones your favourite or the red/green/gold package?)

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8. Black b*tch (Saying this as a child used to end with hot licks like cocoa bix)

9. Shirley biscuits/Tea time cookies (Two options: eat around the house or eat the new bite-sized tea times)

10. Comfort with a red glassy (Peppermint sweetness that you can suck for a whole day)

These are our main ten Bajan snacks. What else do you think we should pack?

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