Friday 10 July, 2020

10 songs a Bajan will never grow tired of hearing

Loop is here to get you in the mood to celebrate Barbados' 53rd anniversary of Independence with a trip down memory lane.

It is time to dig up and dust off those tracks that have aged like fine wine and give you a serious dose of nostalgia.


1. Jack, Mighty Gabby

Who better to start off this list than Barbados' very own Cultural Ambassador, The Mighty Gabby. For those old enough to recall, the song was Gabby’s response to suggestions by Chairman of the Barbados Tourist Board, Jack Dear, that beaches could be privatized by hoteliers. What did Gabby tell ‘big guts Jack’? ‘Dah beach is mine I could bade anytime’.

2. Can’t Find Me Brudda, Red Plastic Bag

Red Plastic Bag also chose to inject a bit of Barbadian history into this kaiso classic. He penned a song about his “brother” Winston Hall, the notorious criminal who police and prison officials had an extremely difficult time keeping behind the bars. The search was carried out in every "Kingdom Hall" and "every dancehall" but Winston Hall could not be found.

3. Last Saturday Night, MADD

A Bajan dancehall classic to rival all others- this song was the embodiment of the saying ‘live by the gun, die by the gun’. With superb lyrical content and a captivating visual to accompany, this song will remain a favourite of Bajans for years to come and a lesson for all the 'bad boys'. 



4. Congaline,Spice and Company

In any fete, house party, children’s party or church fair- this song is sure to whip crowds into a dancing frenzy.

5. Faluma, Alison Hinds

Did anyone ever figure out what the Queen was singing? Nevertheless, this track is sure to whip any waistline- young, old or in between- into motion.

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6. We Want More, Grynner

Whenever this tune plays, you can be sure the people will beg the deejay for an encore. From 1985 ‘til now, the one will always mash up a party.







7. How Many More, John King

If there is one song that remains applicable to this day, it is this tear-jerker from the now Minister of Sports and Culture. Lamenting about the “senseless killing” taking place in the country, Barbadians still continue to ask ‘how many more Jah’.  



8. Voice in my Head, Edwin Yearwood

Pic-o-de-Crop Finals in 1995 at the National Stadium; Edwin Yearwood took to the stage and made a permanent mark on the competition with this melodious track. Goosebumps each and every time you listen!

9. Inez, Ras Iley

Kadooment morning and the whole of Barbados is ready to ‘dingolay’. ‘The music too sweet’!

10. I am a Bajan, Rupee

Can you really call yourself a true Bajan if you don’t blast this song on Independence Day?

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