Tuesday 20 October, 2020

10 things a Bajan absolutely cannot live without

If you are a true born and bred Bajan you will know these items are always close at hand, whether in your purse, refrigerator or cupboard. They work wonders in making our lives easier.

Vicks – for a head cold, a chest cold, or even a fever; a good rub down with Vicks is an essential part of a Bajan get-well remedy.

Alcolado glacial – standing up in a long queue at any government building would be enough to give yuh the ‘bad feels’. A good dose of alcolado to the forehead will keep the dark eyes at bay.

Pax inhaler – Sinus problems? Somebody smelling terrible on the bus? Nose block up? This inhaler is a go to for any Bajan. Usually reserved for school aged girls and young women.

Eclipse biscuit – For breakfast, lunch, dinner or supper; these biscuits can be eaten with anything. 

Salt bread – Put anything between a salt bread and viola! you now have a cutter.

Condensed milk – This saves you the trouble of having to add milk AND sugar to your morning tea. Condensed milk rarely lasts more than a week in a Bajan home as the children usually sneak into the cupboard to thief out a taste of the sweetness.

Sweet biscuits – Shirleys, tea times are on the top of the list for mid-afternoon snack for both children and adults.

Anything in a can: corn beef, sardines, tuna, luncheon meat you name it! Can foods are a Bajan go to for a quick meal.

Castor oil – For hair, skin or even to relieve constipation, a little castor oil goes a long way. Gran-Gran would agree.

Epsom salts – Everybody knows a good Epsom salts soak in warm water will cure aching muscles, tired feet although it is more commonly used for purging. 


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