Monday 30 November, 2020

10 things to keep you busy while in self-isolation

Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash

Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash

With citizens globally being urged to self-quarantine as recreational activities shut down, flights are grounded and concerts plus events are cancelled, more of us are being forced to spend time at home.

For some, especially those who are always busy or who spend a lot of their time hanging out with friends somewhere, being limited to the confines of the home may seem like a jail sentence.

But it doesn’t have to be. We can look at this period as a gift to do things we probably would not have had the chance or time to do otherwise.

If you are wondering what to do to make the most of your time, especially when you are not working, here are 10 things which we think would keep you happy and satisfied.

1: Experiment in the kitchen

If you love to cook, want to learn how to cook or interested in challenging yourself with new dishes, get yourself in the kitchen and fire up that stove.  There are tons of websites that you can find great recipes but we recommend sites such as, and simplycaribbean to find recipes and tutorials for sumptuous Caribbean dishes.


2: Learn a new skill

There is more to YouTube than music. Use your time to explore the platform to learn a new skill. Knitting, art, sewing, design, photography, you name it, there is a YouTube channel that could teach you.


3: Work up a sweat

Medical sites say one of the best ways to boost your immunity is through exercise. No gym, no worry. Talk to your trainer about setting up an online facility to keep up with your exercise routine, follow some workout sites on YouTube such as Fitness Blender or go take a walk or run outside.


4: Immerse yourself in a good book

If you have lots of free time, catch up on your reading. We did a great list HERE or if you don’t want to read, you can sign up on Audible and download some great audiobooks or listen to some podcasts while you exercise or do your chores.


5: Watch a concert online

Since almost everyone around the world has to self-isolate or practice social distancing, some artistes are doing performances online. Follow your faves on Instagram or Twitter for announcements.

6: Bond with family

From game nights to indoor camping, movies to craft projects, this is the time to enjoy time with your loved ones.  Listen and record stories from the elders in your family, give the children projects to work on, read stories to them. If you live alone, call a friend or family members and have a conversation, join chat groups on social media sites that interest you and interact with others. Many people have been hosting Twitter parties and movie nights that you can participate in.


7:  Boost your education with online courses

Learning has never been easier in this digital age. Use your time at home to boost your qualifications with courses that are available online. There are hundreds of free online courses available now from Ivy League colleges such as Yale, Oxford and Harvard on everything from digital marketing to history.


8: Netflix and Chill

Netflix may have shut down the production of new shows thanks to coronavirus fears but the platform is still chockful of shows that you can binge-watch over the next 14 days. And if you are unsure what to watch, Netflix now tells you the top 10 shows that are trending in your market which may serve as a useful guide.


9: Give your home some TLC

A leaky faucet, a blown lightbulb, a wall that has been begging for paint. Your home has probably been begging for a little love and now is the time you can give it your full attention. Get your spring cleaning done early so come Easter you can relax and enjoy the fruits of your labour.


10: Calm yourself

Reading and listening to story after story and messages about COVID-19 could send you crazy. Protect your mental health by unplugging from social media and engaging in some meditation, pray, singing or any other activity that brings you joy and calm. If you do want to use social media, look for those with calming messages such as Pinterest which has resources for helping us to adapt to these times.

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