Monday 26 October, 2020

10 things some Bajans are grateful for on Independence Day

Fishcake vendor in Bridgetown

Fishcake vendor in Bridgetown

- by Daveny Ellis

In 2019 Barbados has celebrated 53 years of independence, we have elected The Hon. Mia Mottley to be our first female Prime Minister and the great conkie with raisins or no raisins debate rages on.

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In the USA this is a time of Thanksgiving and right here in Barbados we too are thankful.

Loop checked in with some Barbadians witnessing today's parade to hear what they are most grateful for today. 

Some chimed that they were thankful to just see another Independence Day while others were glad to get the chance to get a snocone on a hot and humid day like today. Some were thankful for the food and the aforementioned conkies were a definite on everyone's list this Independence Day.

Minister for the Blue Economy Kirk Humphreys was more thoughtful in his response when asked, saying that not only was he thankful for everything we had in Barbados but he was thankful for the opportunity to serve the country and for those that came before us and fought for us to have these opportunities.

All that said it made one Loop reporter wonder what he was thankful for on this independence. Like some of his interviews, here are the top 10:

  1. Chefette Restaurants. Look I know putting them as the first entry looks bad but I can't go anywhere in the world and get it. So I am thankful.
  2. Local Rum. You ever try buying our local rum anywhere else in the world? It's saintly to the rest of the world so I respect it and am thankful. Cheers.
  3. Food from Baxters Road. Some of the best street food in the world is from Baxters Road. Quote me on it.
  4. Alison Hinds. Because Faluma still slaps.
  5. Edwin Yearwood. He is the General.
  6. Conkies with raisins. Case Closed.
  7. Tuk Bands / The Land Ship. Because wukkin up is an art and we culture.
  8. Rihanna. Because nobody reps us like she does. I stan.
  9. The Beach. As cliche as sand, sea and sun are, it's freezing other places and I prefer this to the cold any day.
  10. Ninja Man. Icon of icons and truly the Patron of Bim.

This is just one list of some of the things people love about Barbados - the gem of the Caribbean Sea.

Happy 53rd Birthday, Barbados.

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