Tuesday 1 December, 2020

11 commercials you miss from CBC

Today’s ads may not be in technicolour, but few truly stay in your mind like the good old ads of decades gone by.

And Caribbean commercials were second to none back in the 1980s and 1990s because few people had STV and even fewer had a satellite dish. CBC was it for everyone.

Let’s not go as far back as Channel 3 or Channel 9, but CBC TV 8 had these ads and almost everyone knew the jingles or taglines by heart.

1) Sudsil – Did someone say dirt? Do you remember Dr. Suds?


2) Minadex – Was it really, ‘Just a spoonful of sugar, makes the Minadex go down?’

3) Optrex – Who needs Optrex? Tired eyes… Refreshing! Smokey eyes… Cooling! Hay fever eyes… Optrex! What a sight for sore eyes.


4) Supligen – Boosts you up! What was your favourite colour?

5) L'Cees Potato Chips – I wonder if Peter Ram still remembers this jingle.

6) CloseUp – Move over Colgate. CloseUp toothpaste was a red and cool, and when the guy exhaled after brushing with CloseUp, his breath went straight to the girl. Steamy! Lol :) 

7) 7Up – “It’s cool to be clear”. Did you know the cartoon character had a name? Fido Dido.

8) Mazola Corn Oil - I can hear the Jamaican comedian Oliver Samuels saying "All 'ooh cook should know!" 

9) SSS: Iron Tonic - So much energy!

10) Nemwil – Who will? NemWil! This insurance company was located in Nemwil House on Lower Collymore Rock. Can you remember what animal was in its logo?

11) Banks beer – Barbados will always be home… Bar-ba-dos… yea-eah-eah-eah!

What was your favourite ad from back in the day?

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