Wednesday 12 August, 2020

12 items for your Crop Over Survival Kit

What is in your survival kit?

What is in your survival kit?

For Crop Over 2017, everyone's survival kit must include a budget. If you don’t budget this Crop Over season, you may not survive the festival or you may not survive after the festival.

It would do well to have numbers for committee members for fetes in your phone if you truly want to tun up and not cry all season long, but once you secure tickets, or register for tickets, then here are some things you may need to make it safely and happily to August 9, 2017.

1. Budget

Count your pennies. Get your loans. Source your money upfront and pick and choose your events wisely. This year there is a lot of registration for tickets, so last-minute decisions are out the window or they will cost you more.

2. Shorts

With the heat turnt right up, you need to have shorts in many colours in your wardrobe. Show the legs that you have been squatting to tone all year.

3. Rompers and romphims

Yaaasssssssss…be all about that onesie life. Get the denims and the pastels for sure too. Loop even heard, the shorter the better, but you decide!

4. Sandals and loafers

With many grass events, cruises and even beach venues, your flats game needs to step up.

5. Leggings/Jeggings

After work limes used to increase around this time and these comfy options help you go from a long work day to a festive scene without looking frumpy.

6. Charger pack

A cellphone battery on a regular day is put to the test, add an event where you will be snapping, posting to IG, Facebook living, tweeting and updating WhatsApp statuses, your battery will need help giving you that extra charge.

7. Headtie/plastic shower cap

As many rock protective styles like faux locs and box braids to get through the season or just don't want to get their hair coloured and muddy or full of powder, headties and shower caps come in very handy. Don't mess up your remy honey boo boo. 

8. Umbrella

Yuh see those lovely huge umbrellas that many businesses always giving 'way? Hold on pun one or two, and don’t play big fashion. Don’t feel bad being the feter with a big umbrella because if the rain does fall at the event, you will go from ‘Part she gine wid dat’ to ‘Girl, is a good thing you walk wid dis. Thanks fuh de lil shelter…wuh yuh name by de way? I wuh look fuh you during de season’.

9. Folding chair

Every event isn’t a cruise with a four or five-hour limit and some are literally whole day… so invest in a folding cair. Your feet will thank you later.

10. Credit card or Visa Debit card

With every ticket or almost all tickets available via an online ticketing agent, you could really do with having your own card. It’s convenient and some people even get flyer miles or points with each swipe. Plus if you have your own you don’t have to ask anyone to borrow theirs and you won’t run the risk of having your name be stink ah road by September… ‘Cause she always waan use my ting!’

11. Sunnies

Sunglasses do come in very handy, especially for the sunrise events and truth be told, you may very well need them on Mondays when you stroll in the office a bit hungover on fun and deficient of sleep.

12. Wellington boots

Also, to be honest, you could probably do with investing in some Wellingtons, aka rubber boots, cause these plantation venue events and this rainy season aint gonna be easy on any other type of footwear.

13. Vitamin C

Keep the colds and flus at bay. Worse feeling ever is having your ticket, your outfit and great weather only to be ahhhhh choo… too sick to leave home. 'Doctor, doctor I need meds, keep de sick leave. Thanks.'

14. A taxi number

With fetes being all-inclusive it’s a little unfair to expect your friend to willingly want to be the designated driver every time. So skip the dangerous driving. Avoid driving drunk and just put aside cab money and call taxis after events. TIP: Save the number as taxi in your cell phone. When inebriated aint nobody got time to remember Irvin name…type taxi. ‘Hey Taxi! Yea fam pick up at de place wid mud, it’s 6 or 9 uh we but we could squeeze up…dah ez. Come now.’

What’s in your survival kit this year?

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