Tuesday 29 September, 2020

12 reasons why Browne’s Beach keeps winning

It's great for snorkling and diving too.

It's great for snorkling and diving too.

Some people are wondering why developers keep looking at Browne’s Beach even though it’s not on the Gold or Platinum coast; but to persons born in the South and many in the center of the island, there is no beach like Browne’s Beach.

Browne’s Beach is the best for many reasons, but here are 12.

1. It is located a walking distance from Bridgetown. Plus if you live in the Pine, Bonnets, Britton’s Hill, Dalkeith, Bayland or Chelsea it’s the beach that you call home ‘cause it’s a stone throw away. That's until you gotta pull Dalkeith Hill or Bishop Court Hill to get back home though.

2. It has bathroom facilities now. Back in de day you nuses to have to walk with your pet bottle of pipe water to rinse off your skin and wash the sand from your feet.

3. The water is almost always calm. High tide, low tide, makes no difference at Browne’s Beach except that you must make sure the water doesn’t come up and pull your clothes, towel and slippers in when the tide does eventually come in.

4. It’s a long expanse of beach. You can jog or walk up and down the length of the beach and get good exercise. You may also get tired of stopping as people shout you, cause this is Barbados and people love to hail yuh up, even mid-sprint.

5. You can get a sno cone after your dip almost always, especially on Sundays and bank holidays.

6. People have or learn manners while at Browne’s Beach. Well, that or Bajans really are friendly people as the tourists say. If you're clueless as to what this means, well when you're leaving this beach you’ll be saying 'Bye' to people you have never seen before and may never see again, but it’s de ting tuh do as yuh leave yuh beach day crew.

7. You can go to a shop nearby and get a snack or bread and two or a portion of fries and a steak of fish. Let's be honest, after the beach drags everything out of you, you need more that two fish cakes to help bring back up yuh glucose level.

8. It has two lifeguard huts. Talk about feeling safe.

9. It has great parking if you’re travelling by car. It actually has like three parking areas so be specific when you say ‘I park in de parking lot by Browne’s Beach. Wuh part you is?’

Joan: I in de lil parking lot by de esplanade and I aint seeing you car

You: Oh. No. I don’t park in dey. I can’t park too purr-ty purty and people does stare at yuh reversing, and de one by de bath full so I down by de traffic lights, down by de Caf-lic church. You know part I mean?

10. It is not rocky or uneven. The seabed is fairly flat, your biggest worry is drifting into a cold spot after your body already adjusted to the water’s temperature. "WHAT DE HELL?! Watch out here, dat spot dey cold." A Bajan would yell that to you calmly while standing and pointing in the sea. Don’t tell them that the water is constantly moving so “that spot” is not going to stay there. Take the advice and swim away.

11. It's good for snorkeling and diving. The MV Trident is sunken there too.

12. It’s usually the place to relax and chill after marathon walks because many walks and runs end in that vicinity. Go soak your feet or scrub them with sand. Get that spa treatment for $0.00.

If you don’t know about the beauty of Browne’s Beach stop wasting time and make a visit before too late.

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