Wednesday 28 October, 2020

12 Things from Bajan schools that should be in work offices

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Adulthood is not all it was cracked up to be – said many persons after turning 25.

Do you remember when your parents and grandparents 'nuse' to say, ‘School days are the best days’ and you rolled your eyes and kissed your teeth or ‘sucked your teet’?

Well, years later, as the 70s, 80s and 90s babies head towards 50, 40, 30, and 25, each one understands what their elders meant back then.

Hindsight is truly 20-20.

Well, let’s look back at some of the aspects from primary and secondary school, which employers should bring into the workplace.

1. Nap time

Oh to be able to put your head on the desk in the afternoon after lunch and revive oneself through a much deserved and needed rest. *Cue Seasame Street song - Everybody sleeps*

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2. School meals

Google feeds its employees, but every adult can’t work at Google. Please take a page and feed your employees, even one day a week. You can even charge $1 too!

3. Break time

Fifteen minutes may seem like little now, but to have a quarter of an hour to stretch your legs and move around could help with the prevalence of non-communicable diseases in Barbados.

4. Courts

Schools had netball courts, basketball courts, road tennis courts, some court for playing a sport to keep physical activity up. Car parks need to be put to better use after hours.

5. Free milk

Bone diseases and arthritis plague adults, yet there is no push to ensure that employees consume calcium. Can you imagine lining up again for free milk and showing off your milk moustache? Got milk?

6. Uniforms

People who work in offices without uniforms know how costly it is to fill your wardrobe and keep it updated. To those with uniforms who wish they didn’t have one... trust that the grass isn’t greener on the other side!

7. Enforced dress codes

Many offices have dress codes…but that word ‘enforced’ makes a big difference. Think of the lady in the office whose undergarments print always or the guy who can make a phone call without taking his phone from his pants’ pocket because the numbers are printing. Yeah! *snaps fingers*

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8. Lunchtime

Everyone is entitled to a lunch hour but do you remember when everyone took lunch at the same time and enjoyed lunch? Not only did you eat together, but you destressed, relaxed, chilled and mentally got yourself ready for the second half of the day.

9. Prayers

Assembly is something that should go into offices. Sometimes people come into offices with issues from home, negative energy and road rage and pass it on and spread it around the office. At primary school, prayers during assembly helped to reset people on the positive path. Strike up ‘All things bright and beautiful’ on mornings or ‘As the deer pants’ and distribute a Bible reading for the office for the day and see the demeanour of people change. Just try it.

10. Houses

At school, you may have hated being in a different colour house to your best friends, but in an office, if people from different departments are in the same House then people will not come and go from the organization only knowing the people in their divisions. The Houses can compete for sports or rotate and host Special Fridays. Houses will just pull together people who don't usually cross paths on a day-to-day basis.

11. Free periods

A time to settle and regroup is sometimes necessary for you to successfully finish the task and meet deadlines. It may not make sense to all, but ideas come to you better when you’re relaxed. What did Kit Kat say? Gimme a break!

12. Common rooms

Meeting rooms for open discussion, which can act as chill spots could help diffuse situations and actually bring people together and foster teamwork. Teamwork makes the dream work. It's not the same as a cafeteria.

What else from school days would you like to see added to the workplace environment?

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