Saturday 15 August, 2020

12 Things Bajans never outgrow

There are some activities, pastimes and treats that most Barbadians enjoy from childhood to adulthood and continue to love when they are over the hill and descending.

Just in case you doubt that this is true, read the following and see if you still get excited or feel joy from any of these.

1. A snocone with condensed milk. For some people it was “I want naff milk pun top” or “Gimme de milk at de bottom boss.”

2. Dominoes, a good game of dominoes. It doesn’t matter if you only match, or never learned to count the ‘cards’, all that matters is that you win or never get ‘6-loved’.

3. Putting salt on some fruits and vegetables. Yes diabetes is rampant and so is hypertension but some Bajans can't help dousing dunks, gooseberries and cucumber in salt or salt water.

4. And on that note, adding water to tamarind balls. Some people to their dying day still add water and 'squish-up' the tamarind ball in the clear bag before eating it. For some it's "gross" and to others, "yum yum yummy".

5. Biscuits in tea. Many kids who grew up with grandparents, especially their grannies grew up and watched them soaking a pack of Eclipse in their tea, whether it’s real tea or barley or linseed or some other hot beverage and as they grew older, they did the same.

6. Calling friends’ parents ‘Auntie’ and ‘Uncle’. “Hi Auntie Pam, your daughter there?”

7. Swinging. If a park is empty, the kid inside some Bajans come out and the first piece of apparatus they go on is not the sea-saw nor the slide, but the swings.

8. Eating the cream out the cookies. It’s just a habit for some that they never tried to kick.

9. Ice cream on Sundays. There is a tendency to look out for the ice cream truck or venture to the fast food restaurant or ice cream parlour on Sunday evenings and nights like it’s a reserved day for cold treats.

10. Karaoke, just see 'Q in the Community' if you need proof. It seems that not even the elderly get tired of this activity.

11. Eating coconut jelly or drinking coconut water straight from the coconut.

12. Watching airplanes. Once upon a time Barbadians used to go to the Grantly Adams International Airport and go upstairs and look through the circles of glass into the Departure Lounge and Customs, then going to look through and watch family members board the plane before it taxied the runway and took off. Today, now, even though the airport has been remodelled, you still see people watching planes, but instead, they are parked on the outskirts along the runway watching airplanes land and take-off, children, teens, young adults and older persons too.  

Is there anything else you want to add?

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