Thursday 29 October, 2020

12 Things that drive Bajan sales assistants in boutiques mad

How many times a day do sales assistants want to say this?

How many times a day do sales assistants want to say this?

Customers tend to complain about receiving poor or bad customer service in Barbados, but what about looking at the story from the other side?

What drives sales assistants in clothing stores up a wall?

In the past we have showcased the customer's side, but it's time we flip the switch.

Here are 12 things that drive sales assistants bonkers especially in these COVID-19 times.

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1) Customers putting on their masks when they get through the door of the store instead of outside before entering.

2) The ones who walk straight past the sanitisation station like they are not accustomed by now. "Sanitise please!"

3) "I don't want nuh help, wunna always 'Can I help you?'" FEW MOMENTS LATER "Excuse me! Nobody don't work here? Wunna got this in a size small?"

4) Can I try this on? - A customer with a face full of makeup holding up a white shirt 

5) This got white marks on it, yuh could get a discount? - A customer who tried on a black dress while wearing white solid deodorant

6) Mistress this small ain't fit, you got a medium? *brings medium and large* "I ain't nuh large!" FEW MOMENTS LATER "This hay like it cut small, let me try dah large sweet girl"

7) "Outside so hottttttt" *gulps water with mask under her chin* "Dah sun enough tuh kill yuh" *gulping down more water and walking past the signs in the store that say: 'No Drinking in the Store. Masks must be worn at all times in the Store*

8) This fuh $80? Wunna does guh way and buy these things for $2 and come back and wanna charge people an arm and a leg. Sales Assistant: Ma'am I just work here. 

9) Wunna got this in pink? Sales Assistant: All the other colours gone, we only got what there now. Customer: Oh! *looks at the yellow, black and green dresses on the rack* So wunna ain't got it red neither?

10) We only have Medium and Large in this dress now. Customer: But wuh bout de blue, you ain't even got a small in de blue?

11) Is $35 each but give me $60 fuh de two. Customer: So you can't gie me them fuh $50?!

12) *opens phone and shows assistant a picture* Sales Assistant: That sold out. Customer: But it pun wunna IG. Sales Assistant: As those came they went in like two days. Customer: So they ain't got like one small in the back or nain? You can't check? *goes to ask another sales assistant the SAME, EXACT QUESTION and show the SAME, EXACT PICTURE*

Which customer are you?

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