Friday 6 December, 2019

12 Things not to say to naturalistas

This weekend when you see people rocking their natural hair in all its glory, whether 3A or 4c, hold your tongue if you do not have a compliment to pay.

Practice Thumper’s rule or Thumper’s law!

Thumper was a rabbit from the Disney movie ‘Bambi’ and his law is simple. Thumper’s father taught him, and his mother reminded him that “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all.”

Ignore his double negative, Thumper was cute and fuzzy and we got Thumper’s point, say nothing if it’s not good.

That said, here are some things you should not let cross your lips unless you want to start some kind of fight or ruffle feathers with someone who wears their hair in its natural state.

1. You're gonna comb your hair? or Your hair needs combing!

2. Is that how you’re wearing your hair today?

3. You going to the hairdresser? or You need a hairdresser.

4. When you gonna relax your hair?

5. Wuh happen to your head?

6. Pass a comb through that please.

7. Make yourself presentable and fix your hair!

8. I preferred when you had straight hair.

9. You got that good hair.

10. Natural hair for you but that ain’t for me.

11. Can I touch your hair? (However, this is preferred over feeling a random hand in your curls.)

12. Come let me do something with your hair.

Family, friends and strangers, you have been warned. If you do not heed this advice and lose an arm or get embarrassed by a sharp man or woman with natural hair and fierce confidence, the fault is all yours. 

Happy Holidays!


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