Friday 18 September, 2020

12 Things you should not say to Bajan employees

May 1, May Day was Labour Day in Barbados and as we continue to salute workers in Barbados this month, here are some tips to keep Bajan employees happy.

We thought we’d take a look at some things which when said by superiors, friends, family and customers make Bajans feel like firing de wuk! #Quiting

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We all know that work is not easy to come by today, so in order to keep yuh lil pick, many Bajans are ignoring and biting their tongues, but there are some words which when strung together rub many employees the wrong way in Barbados. Help a brother or sister out but shutting your mouth or dropping these lines from your vocab. You may think it's funny sometimes, but it aint funny and it ain't cute.

DISCLAIMER: It’s not always what you say, but HOW you say it.

1. You see de time?

You get in the office one minute after your start time and your manager sings this out while looking at the office clock… *whooosah* Or worse yet, a coworker asks it with your boss in earshot. #Stupse

2. Lunchtime is uh hour. 

Skippa, you feel dat song lyric ‘longggg like de traffic in Warrens’ is a mek sport ting? Plus, when I come back in 45 minutes, you don’t sing out, ‘You still have 15 minutes!’

3. Because it's 4:30 you don't have to fly up and leave?

Excuse you! Allow me to explain that when yuh get in at 7:30 am and start before your allocated 8:00 am, no one says you don’t have to start so early or says I’ll deduct it from your day, so today you finish at 4:00 pm instead of 4:30 pm. So my time is 4:30pm not 4:31pm! #Sorrynotsorry

4. Copy me in on all the emails 

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Micromanaging drives employees up a wall and on the flip side, some clients hate dealing with a superior or hate a superior jumping in when they have grown accustomed to their rep or handler.

5. You can't take lunch in the last two hours of your workday.

Dear stomach, work with this clock, because we both need this job. Thanks, Your disgruntled owner.

6. Too many people want to take vacation at the same time so submit another period please. 

So why I got to move? Am I the pawn on these invisible chess board?

7. Is there a problem?

A manager sees you arrive noticeably late and dishevelled, and then this is the greeting as opposed to ‘Are you okay?’ Also, if the person is late on a deadline, try ‘How are you getting through so far?’

8. Someone called for you but I can’t remember the name.

Tell me how this message helps me?

9. Stocktaking is this weekend.

Stocktaking don’t pop up like emergency surgency, how you mean THIS weekend? I HAVE PLANS from every long time sense! #Don’tcorrectanangryBajansgrammar

10. You hard at work or you hardly working? Which one it is?

Do what I tell you… see me and don’t see me. This question is made up of fighting words, especially at minutes to 2:30 pm in a government office that closes at 3:00 pm officially.

11. Wunna got anything? How you mean wunna sint got no chicken?

*Deep breath* Fast food cashier tries not to cuss each customer that asks this, because to be honest she JUST told her manager ‘Well close til chicken done cause you putting me to get cuss!’

12. “I waan try this white thing fast”

*sees sign that says No trying of white items*

Customer with white romper in hand: Sweet girl I could try this?

Sweet girl grumbles and walks off the floor: I gine lunch cause dese illiterate customers on an empty stomach is two no-nos.

Customer: wunna so aint got nuh manners

Sweet girl tells self: Keisha this is your third job in two weeks, cause of your mout, go and grab a Snickers! #Hungryangerisreal

Take care as you speak to Bajans while at work. Please.

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