Friday 13 December, 2019

15 tracks set to mash up the road this Crop Over

What is your 'do bad' song for the road?

What is your 'do bad' song for the road?

Call MTW. After this long weekend, some roads are going to be in need of serious repair!

There is no shortage of big trucks to jump behind this weekend and into next week, whether you take part in the BL&P Foreday Morning Jam, Caesar’s Army A.M.Bush, Native, Dirty Dozen or some other jump event, Grand Kadooment on Monday, or Day TWO on Tuesday.

Here are Loop's Top 15 ‘do bad’ hits for the road in no particular order:

1. Dip

Hypasounds may be better known for his sugary sweet tunes but this up tempo tune is causing chaos as women ‘dip, dip and dip’ and with Deejay Puffy on de road mix ‘D-D-D-D-D-Dip’. 


2. Mavis

If you haven’t heard at least one girl in your squad say ‘Call me Mavis’ then your crew’s waistlines ain't active. Find some better team members.

3. Wood

By now you must know only one type of wood matters - ‘Wood dat hard!’

4. Bubbaling

It was a late release, but this song did not need time to grow on you. King Bubba knew what he was doing when he dropped this track. #bubble

5. Pick Me Up

It’s not a waistline pelting shots track but it gets people to come alive as they do their version of falling down and picking up imaginary people.

6. Collateral

This sweet soca must win some award for its sing-along effect. Check Snapchat and see if you doubt us.

7. Give It To Ya

Slow grinds left and right. Some people almost need a room when MarzVille turns the pressure on. Oh goshhhhh!

8. Tip and Bend Ova

Stiffy has a way of making people bring out their bashiest behaviour. #NoGlassbacks #BendYaBackLikeAPringle

9. Shackle Out

Porgie and Murda want you to - Do it. Do um. Do it. Do um. Do it. Do um. DO IT! DO UM! #nuffsaid

10. Hop In De Bar

Porgie & Murda have doubled up on the action with this second track. Get ready to hop, skip and leeeeeean.

11. Boat Ride

If you gonna lean, you could as well rock left, right, forward and back. RPB’s winning Sweet Soca tune moves everyone!

12. All Kinda Girls

"If wunna know what I come hey tuh do!" That is all you have to hear and all kinda girls start to move. Lil Rick had the 'Energy' to retain his Party Monarch crown and for sure will bring us more 'Blessings' on the road.

13. Good Ole Days

Don’t mind people snap themselves jumping and waving, Fadda Fox and his bad habits have another huge hit, and no one is ducking when this song starts.

14. Drinka

This drinking tune gets everyone singing loudly. Jagwa may have had the top riders in check before but now he also has the drinkas.

15. Sweet Like Ooh

“De fete is de only solution. We need a place we could jump up... We need a place we could free up”…Holla Bak got it so right that he gets almost every crew to sing ‘Ooh ooh ooh!’ with their cups in de air.

Honourable Mentions

Split In De Middle – St Lucia's Freezy stays winning this season.

Workout – Low, lowerrr.... Trinis Kes and Nailah Blackman are having a great Crop Over.

Buss Head – Don’t know if it’s because jumping brings out de ‘stink and dutty’ part of people, but this song from soca legends Machel Montano and Bunji Garlin always brings the hype.

De Tribute – iTron’s Jook and Jook on the Waistline Riddim gets even girls jooking. #NoHoldingBack

Who's ready to do road? What songs are you looking forward to hearing behind the big truck?

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