Thursday 22 October, 2020

15 drinks you must carry on A Bajan Road Trip

Staying hydrated these days seems like an impossible task, but it is crucial.

In Barbados, there are some drinks and treats that Bajans enjoy to stay cool.

Here's how Bajans beat the heat:

1. Soursop punch 

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Full of health benefits, soursop is a favourite for many. But it is an acquired taste. Some people hate the smell. It is also known as graviola or guyabano. In Barbados, we say soursop punch, in Jamaica they say soursop juice.

2. Sucka bubbies

Other islanders call these baggies or bag juice. Juice is placed in small clear plastic bags, then they are tied securely and put in the freezer. Once frozen, to eat them you simply bite the corner of the bag and suck the juice and ice through the hole without making a mess.

Fun fact:

You call these by the colour not the name of the juice. You will hear, "I want a red sucka bubbie". Never will you hear, "I want a fruit punch sucka bubbie."

3. Koolaids 

Bajans like any excuse to drink condensed milk. So milk koolaids outdo regular koolaids.

4. Fruit ice

Smoother than shaved ice or a snocone but not exactly a slush puppy, this is a treat. However, the new eco-friendly containers are not it. Please find an alternative!

5. Snocone

They may be costing $3 now with the single-use plastic ban, yet in this heat, vendors continue to make money.

Fun fact:

Loop believes the most popular snocone in Barbados is a coconut with milk - top on or off!

6. Lemonade

Made with limes and Barbados brown sugar, Bajans version of lemonade is great especially if placed in the freezer to get semifrozen like a slushy... A pitcher of Bajan lemonade with some vanilla essence or Angostura bitters can cure dehydration faster than an IV drip.

7. Mauby

This bitter-sweet Bajan drink is an acquired taste, but luckily most Bajans are born with the mauby-loving gene.

8. Sorrel 

Once upon a time, this was a Christmas drink but now Bajans have applied the whole mantra of 'Nobody has a tomorrow put down' to all aspects of life and you can now find sorrel in the supermarket year-round. A pinkish/purple colour, Barbadians are playing with sorrel and fusing it with many flavours now, especially with ginger.

9. Baby Bim (Maybe these will return someday)

This tiny glass bottled drink used to cost 60 cents and it came in flavours like cream soda and banana. Yum yum!

10. BWA H20

Water, water, water! In this heat, you need to drink plenty of water and thankfully in coral limestone Barbados, our tap water is safe. In the parishes where drinking water flows through the taps daily, citizens should have a water bottle and monitor their water intake. They should set targets and drink to attain their goals. 

11. De one eye man

Some Bajan men rise with the sun and open the neighbourhood rum shops to fire one or two or sixteen before they close the shop at night. You know a man is a professional Bajan rum drinker when he has two bottles on the table and one glass. If he has a white rum and a bottle of water, just take his car keys if he has any.

12. Plus

A glucose energy drink that some like and some dislike. However, know that some people would revoke your Bajan passport for disliking Plus. Be careful!

13. Malt

If you love malt the Caribbean will love you. If you love a Tiger Malt, a Bajan would love you more. 

14. Goat milk

Everyone may enjoy cow's milk, but a true true, real real Bajan would boil some goat milk, dip off the scab when it 'boils up', and pour that milk in a bottle to place in the fridge. Then once chilled, he or she will pour a tall glass and drink until they have a nice white moustache! 

15. A mixed drink

Bajans seem to be some of the only people on the planet who ever order a mixed drink at fast food establishments.

What is a mixed drink? It literally is a little bit of all flavours of soda pop or sweet drink from the dispenser. So it's a dash of Frutee, Sprite, Coke, Fanta, Ginger Ale, Sorrel and Pineapple or it's a combination of 7UP, Pepsi, Red Ju-C, and Pine Ju-C. Overseas, if you order a mixed drink, most servers will look at you dumbfounded!

What do you drink to stay hydrated and keep cool?

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