Monday 6 July, 2020

15 signs you are a ZR-catching boss

ZR culture is like no other.

Catch at your own risk.

That’s how some people see the little white vans with the purple stripe but others will defend this mode of transportation with their dying breath because of their convenience and reliability.

Now if you hop in a Route whatever-number on a regular you know tips and tricks that others who are just catching a drop know nothing about.

Are you a ZR-catching boss?

See how many of the following things you know. If you know more than 10 then you can move to the top of the class. If you know 13-15 of these you can accept your ZR Boss certificate with Honours.

1. If you know what 'size round' means

2. ‘Small up wunnaselves’ makes you say to your neighbour, ‘Come round you still got lil space.’

3. If you say, ‘Gimme piece behind de driver. I gine up in de corner.’

4. A tap on your shoulder from the passenger behind you automatically makes you hold up off the window/glass.

5. You push down the ‘extra seat’ once the ZR stops for the next passenger.

6. You push down the backrest and step over the fold-down seat to get out with little trouble.

7. You pull open the van door while sitting in the ‘door seat’.

8. You pull on the handle without it budging so you stick your hand in the window and pull the inside handle to open the van door before the driver can even reach back to assist.

9. When you are seated in the left, back seat and you push the van door to slide it shut before the passenger who hopped in thinks to turn and close it.

10.  When you sit in that same back seat to the left of the van and you put up your foot on the wheel cover but remove the change from your left pants pocket first #BOSS.

11. Gently sit in the fold-down seat and sit forward so as to not ‘brek off’ the knee of the passenger behind you.

12. When you yell ‘Don’t leff she. She can fit, only three people in de backseat’ #Mekdeconductorsmile

13. When a man hops out the passenger seat to let a woman slide in the center because he knows that a man in the middle would never slide with the driver.

14. When you collect bus fare from de back row and pass it to the conductor.

15. When de conductor says ‘Big man I full’ and you say, ‘Watch dis hay. Sweet girl swing yuh feet so, and skippa just shift yuh body slight but rest yuh foot there. I just want piece pon de step hey. I would stand up, I aint fussy. Lewwe go!’ and look at the conductor like what you waiting for boss. #MekyuhlaughlikeStabby

#Bonus: You know if you got to pack a barrel ever in life, call some ZR conductors.

Get all 15 plus the bonus too and come long through to accept your PhD do.

What other things do you think say that you’re a regular a ZR passenger? Comment and tell us!


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