Thursday 29 October, 2020

16 Stereotypes about Bajan people: Fact or Fiction?

Wuhz dah ya say!?

All over the world and even locally there are many presumptions and ideologies about Barbadians and our characteristics and culture. Over time, some of these presumptions and ideologies have been publicized by the media and adopted as true causing outsiders to make various claims about us. With this said, below is a list comprised of some of these clichés associated with Barbadians.

  1. They are ‘malicious’ – now malicious in Bajan terms differs from the actual meaning. In Barbados, to be malicious means to be nosy.
  2. They are very, very, VERY good cooks – a Bajan would turn water and salt into a 5-course meal with some leff back for tomorrow.
  3. They ‘know-it-all’ – A Bajan might have never been as far as Pelican Island but they will tell you what time the tide does get high out there.
  4. They are very welcoming – “You always got somebody put up at wunna?”  ‘Put up’ means to have someone who does not live at your residence sleep over or ‘spend time’.
  5. They are too laid back – Popularly known for having a calm deportment and nonchalant exterior that some may call this as lazy.
  6. They are masters of colourful language – Some say one adjective is not enough when a Bajan is angry or excited.
  7. They all speak quickly – Bajan: Rest de ting pun toppa it. Foreigner: What is “puntopperate”? Bajan: No! On top of it!”
  8. They are superstitious – Open an umbrella in the house and see what you hear, or rest your bag on the floor. Duppies and poorness may follow you all the days of your life.
  9. They horn everyone – Listen to songs such as T.C’s “Wrong Name (Who The Hell Is Kim?)” and Lil Rick & Keann’s “On De Low”, can Bajans be faithful?
  10. They all can “wukkup” – Drop a tin or knock two spoons ‘ping-a-ling’ and see what happens?
  11. They all like rum – The country that invented rum has to be full of inhabitants who drink only the brown or the white, right or wrong?!
  12.  They are all loud – Can a Bajan tell a secret?
  13. They are very educated – Since Adam was a lad the you heard “Barbados got a 98 % literacy rate”
  14. They are always late – ‘You operating pun Bajan time nuh'
  15.  They are horrible at giving directions – Go up de road yonder and turn down not up. It’s de green house after de brown cow by de woman dat does sell de papers. Don’t go after 6, de cow does get carr in at 5:30.
  16. They all know Rihanna personally – A Barbadian travels and says “I from Barbados” how much would you bet that, “Ohhhh you know Rihanna?!” comes next.


Without a doubt there are many, many more stereotypes attached to Barbadians so tell us what you’ve heard and while you’re at, let us know which stereotypes you believe to be fact or fiction.

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