Saturday 11 July, 2020

17 ways to beat the heat in Barbados

Find your favourite sno-cone vendor and give him a sale today.

Find your favourite sno-cone vendor and give him a sale today.

With temperatures exceeding 32⁰C, Barbadians are wishing they were ‘out to sea’ as the saying goes, just to beat this heat.

While Hurricane Irma’s edges brushed by Barbados she sucked the moisture out of the air. When Irma was not tossing showers of rain, she was making the hotter than ever. It has been a week of wind, rain and extreme heat as the super storm passed.

Barbadians are praying for protection and relief for the Northern Caribbean islanders in St. Maarten-St. Martin, St. Kitts and Nevis, Antigua, British Virgin Islands, Anguilla and of course Barbuda, as they work on beating the heat at home while keeping an eye on Jose and Katia and thinking of ways to send donations to their Caribbean neighbours.

Here are 17 ways to beat the heat being felt in the 246 now:

1. Go to an out of town mall or shopping centre. A mall is better because the entire facility is cool with a/c. At a shopping centre to go from store to store, you have to brave the heat.

2. Go to strategic stores in Bridgetown. You know which stores are best to visit when the mercury is rising in the thermometer.

3. Go “shopping” for furniture. The combination of a/c and comfort equals Best.Recipe.Ever!

4. Open the house! This may sound simple but many people do not do what the old people did and let the air flow through the house unrestricted. Open the windows, front door, back door and not only will you let in and capture breezes, you will let some of the heat trapped in the house, especially in the walls, escape too.

5. Wash your hair and let it air dry. Usually, the dripping water may be the most annoying thing, but not now.

6. Put your hair up or cut your hair. This is the time to keep your hair off your neck and your ears to avoid heat rash. These temperatures demand low hair cuts, hair plaits or clips to put ponytails out of the way.

7. Take a cold water bath. Though the sun is beaming, this is a time when few care about solar water heaters, because the colder the water, the better. Some people are taking three and four baths now or spending half hour instead of three minutes. In a day like today, Bajans gotta ask, ‘What is a cowboy?!’ In the shower for therapy not just for hygiene.

8. For babies at home, a pamper (diaper) may be all that is necessary to do the trick. Even a vest on some toddlers may be too much. Help babies keep cool too. They can’t say they’re hot but we all know they must be stewing in that jeans jumper, long-sleeved shirt and sneakers at 4-months-old in the clinic. “Mistress, de child aint hungry. He ain’t sleepy. He aint fussing fuh nuttin. De child hot! You ain't hear Stiffy say, 'Tek off something and…”

9. Go to the beach. However, take care as Irma’s effects have created waves, tides and some unpredictable currents. If you see red flags, skip the sea. #Pleaseandthanks

10. If the beach is safe, and you have some cash or know a friend who knows a friend who has a jetski, go out and have some beach fun. Zipping around on the sea at high speed generates wind and the splashes of water would make you scream with joy.

11. Go to a pool. When you don’t have horse, ride cow! If the beach you chose is off limits with red flags, then go over to a friend’s house, which has a pool, or secure a day pass at one of the island’s many luxurious hotels to enjoy a pool or two.

12. Take an island drive and tour. The breeze coming in the car should help cool you down. TIP: Go in the country. Makes no sense driving in The City or the areas around town because being stuck in traffic would not help your heated situation one bit.

13. Drink gallons of water. Forget eight glasses of water per day. It’s time to make that quantity a thing of the past as you down more and more water to replenish what you may lose in sweat.

14. Invest in a fan or a/c at home, even a portable a/c unit. If your house has electricity then there is no reason for you to not own a cooling device. NO EXCUSE!

15. Get a handheld fan. If you can get one of these little gadgets…OMG! “I saw a little girl with a yellow and purple one that she may have gotten in a Kid’s meal or something but she was winding it up and it was giving off so much wind her hair was blowing in the breeze.”  

16. Eat ice like it’s a nutritious part of your diet. Pregnant women on movies beg for ice chips and they may be on to something. Go give the sno cone and fruit ice men a sale because you can’t eat the dollar or to keep cool. You could as well spend it to help your cause.  

17. See that mango tree or almond tree, it may be time to set up shop under it and see if Mother Nature will send you lil wind along with the shade. If you got some old sheets and rope, see if you can even rig up a hammock from one tree to de next. Secure your knot so you don’t need to call 511… The QEH aint the coolest place to end up at all. #Awordtothewiseisenoughtheysaid

Do what you must to keep cool, except steal of course.

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