Thursday 13 August, 2020

PHOTOS: 18 000 walkers show they’re serious about breast cancer

If a percentage of people don pink and walk in the CIBC FirstCaribbean Walk for the Cure Breast Cancer Awareness event for fun, it is but a handful, as the majority participate because they understand the significant impact of breast cancer.

Giving this assurance was Medical Coordinator of the Breast Screening Programme (BSP) of the Barbados CancerSociety, Dr. Shirley Hanoman-Jhagroo.

Walk for the Cure 2017

As the sun set on yet another successful Walk for the Cure, she told Loop News:

“I don’t think a lot of people think it is fun. That is a small percentage. A lot of people look at breast cancer in Barbados as a serious thing, women generally, even the young ones. They look at it as a serious thing because everybody knows somebody who has died from the disease, or who has it, or who’s overcome it. So it is a serious thing. I think it is a very small number that come for the fun of it. They walk, a lot of them because they are passionate about the whole thing.”

Delighted she also highlighted the increasing support for the event that as seen through sponsors’ enthusiasm to willingly partner despite the challenges.

Dr. Jhagroo admitted that with each Walk for the Cure the task of securing sponsorship is “definitely” getting easier and better annually.

Humbly, she disclosed, “I mean this year a few who had sponsored before just cut down on how much you know, but that’s to be expected in a situation where the economic climate is not as good as one would expect it to be, so people have to but most of them kept on but reduced the amount. And then we’ve got few new ones. Up Beat came on and provided us with T-shirts, their own T-shirts that they made and then they have it at their outlet which I thought that was very good and then Cherish came on and that was a very good outlet in town and they helped.

“Generally speaking, corporate Barbados has been very good and the general public responded extremely well to this.”

The local platinum sponsors were NewTech Incorporated, Massy United Insurance Ltd., Massy Stores Barbados, Massy Card and Massy properties.

So she reiterated, “It is the minority that look at this as just doing it for fun.”

Looking around at the numerous volunteers including Girl Guides, school students, members of the Barbados Defence Force and others, she said they too are very passionate giving of their time, service and effort.

Deeming this Walk for the Cure 2017 the biggest to date, she asserted, “We’re excited because we definitely had more people than last year and when you see that, you know that it is growing. I think we had about 18 000 because when I look at the T-shirts we have left, it’s about that, which is good. It means that the awareness is growing.”

Less than 100 persons accepted the 10K run challenge from Warrens to the Norman Niles roundabout and back, but there was no shortage of people signed up for the 5K run and walk route as thousands altogether moved from Warrens towards Queen's College and back to Warrens before engaging in some cool down exercises in the parking lot of the Warrens Massy Superstore.

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