Friday 19 July, 2019

1Love ready to rock Crop Over 2017

Some of the 1Love cast for the 2017 edition in August.

Some of the 1Love cast for the 2017 edition in August.

By Rosemary Forde

It will be one for the history books when for the first time ever in Barbados, Machel Montano and his band go tune for tune with Bunji Garlin, Fay Ann Lyons-Alvarez and the Asylum Band at the 1Love Concert on August 6.

And the two-time International Soca Monarch, Voice, is ready to bring ‘vibes’ as well when he makes his 1Love debut.

The grounds of The Concorde Experience will be the venue for one of the most highly anticipated events of the Crop Over season, featuring some of the most sought-after soca acts in the world.

Volume Entertainment is gearing up for what they describe as a "showcase of the best of the best".

"This year you are going to have two of the biggest soca bands on stage together, which means two bands, tune for tune, it's going to be awesome! This is Machel and Bunji... you've never seen them together in Barbados like that!" said an excited Creative Director, Lia Gajadhar.

1Love 2017 launch

With some people asking, 'Why bring Machel again?', Gajadhar responded:

"For us, it's about the best of the best... We're confident that we have raised the bar each year and having Machel each year to me just stamps that he is the best every year and we can't wait until we have another band that rivals him. We can say that there are three top global soca bands and we have to choose who we bringing this year."

Gajadhar also singled out the live band aspect of the event as an exciting and integral move, adding that in recent years she's glad to see more live band performances in Barbados.

"I see that King Bubba now has a band and I've seen a lot more live performances coming out of Barbados. I would like to think that we had a little hand in that because one of our objectives is that we saw the decline in band performance and we wanted to be that show that has the live bands."

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1Love, Crop Over pulling tourists

Noting that during the Crop Over Season last year there was a 14 percent increase in arrivals to Barbados, Gajadhar pointed out the cause for this as an increase in the quality of shows offered in Barbados.

"1Love is an international standard show. We bring the best of Barbados; we bring the best of the world. Our idea is to get the most mileage we can get which is why we go for the Machel, which is why we go for a live stream. The idea is to connect with as many people.

"...We are rivalling our winter season with the arrivals we are getting for Crop Over and that is because shows are getting better, we are getting a lot more reach."

She encouraged any business yearning for exposure to think about investing in 1Love as a platform, which reaches over 43,000 viewers with its live stream.

"My message to partners is to see the mileage that you can get from this type of social, cultural, creative presentation... Crop Over is that time where everybody comes together."

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