Thursday 29 October, 2020

20 Struggles millennial kids would not know

Here are some of the struggles that they would not know.

1. STV – Channel 14, 18, 22, 26 and 30. You remember Lifetime, ESPN, CNN, TNT and Cartoon Network?

2. Nintendo – It was all fun and games until you had to pull out the cartridge and blow in it swiftly from end-to-end.

3. Walkman and cassettes – Remember recording the songs from the radio and hoping the radio announcer keeps silent? Remember playing and stopping as you wrote out lyrics to memorise songs?

4. VCR and VHS tapes – If the VCR ever needed cleaning and the movie started to jump, you wanted to scream your head off.

5. Rewinding with a pencil – cassettes and VHS tapes had one thing in common, a pencil could most quickly get you to the part of the song or movie that you desired.

6. CD Players – Do you even remember the CD shop in Cave Shepherd?

7. Dial-up internet – Remember when a phone call could knock you off the internet and keep you signed out of MSN Messenger?

8. Pagers – Ever saw someone with a gadget on their hip besides doctors on Grey’s Anatomy?

9. Pay phones – Do you ever have to drop 25 cents into one of these phones to make a call?

10. Pepperseed bags – Small backpacks and some had a zip between the straps to make them one.

11. Pony comb clips – When your hair was too thick and the struggle was real, you would slide the gold decorative piece over the opening to help keep it closed.

12. Panty hose hair caps – Clip the legs off the panty hose, tie a knot and that was used to keep your hairstyles neat and tidy while you slept.

13. Hi5 – Before MySpace and Facebook, you found friends here.

14. mIRC, ICQ – Besides MSN and Yahoo messenger, there were other platforms for chatting as well.

15.  Yahoo sound clashes – if you were on de mic you had everyone’s attention until someone else stole the mic.

16. Minesweeper – Not sure anyone really knew how to play this game but it was how many passed time on the computer.

17. Folding socks – Who owned ankle socks? Remember when girls used to fold a yard and a half of sock under their feet in their shoes to create short ankle-cut socks? Many principals shared lashes and collected drawers full of socks because of this practice.

18. Shoe shine sponge/Vaseline – Some kids skipped the hard work of polishing shoes and used either the shoe shine sponge or some Vaseline to make their shoes shine bright.

19. Butterfly clips and chopsticks – The shoe polish hairline and gold clips may help your hair look fancy now, but back in the day it was all about finding the coloured butterflies and chopsticks to match your outfits.

20. Glass bottle drinks – Struggling with the weight of the drink bottles as you go to the shop for drinks. Mind you, you had to decide on what drinks you wanted before you left home because the shopkeeper is giving you drinks to match the bottles and nothing else.

The 80s and 90s were no walk in the park but those who grew up in the years before the 2000s would still tell you life was sweet.

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