Monday 19 October, 2020

20 Things you would only know if... you went St Paul's Primary

There is a school in Britton's Hill that is 183 years old.

St Paul's Primary School located along Britton's X-Road has a lot of history and many landmarks that only past students would know.

To some it was "Ms Mayers' School" or the "Britton's Hill Girls School". Some people don't even remember it being a girls school with a handful of boys sprinkled in between.

Here are some things you'd only know if you went to St Paul's Primary in years gone by:

1. Ms Doreen Mayers was the principal that actually hid the boys from the inspectors because it was an "All Girls School". 

2. In 1964, the few boys were transferred to Bay Primary School in Bayland.

3. Ms Brathwaite was hired as a janitor but she was so much more to staff and students.

4. Ms Pierre was involved in Brownies and Guides but she had a hand in raising many students with he unofficial afterschool care she provided.

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5. Aunty Judy was a younger version of Ms Pierre, even in terms of Brownies, and every bone in her body is a maternal one. From the Scout Troop there was Mrs Robinson, she had three children of her own, but wiped away the tears of hundreds, and her laugh could make you laugh.

6. If you never went by Mrs Badenock for a snack or a Baby Bim, did you ever live? Did you buy the Baby Bim for 60 cent and drank it there so you could get back the 25 cent-deposit?

7. Miss Sutherland or Mrs Cheltenham, depending on your time before or after she got married, this Cub Scout leader had a belt named pee-wee black and blue, but she never used it unfairly.

8. Saint Veronica or some whispered Saint V... never Miss Saint Veronica because "I was never a slave. My name is not a surname!" If you knew nothing, you knew NEVER call Saint V, Miss or Mrs...EVER!

9. The well in the centre of the courtyard was 'Homes'. Chicks out chicks out 1,2,3, who in the house belongst to me.

10. Walks to St Paul's Anglican Church on Ash Wednesday for the service and the cross on your forehead. 

11. When the nurses came to the school, you'd line up with your green card and go in the staff room for your stick. Then come out with your shirt sleeve rolled up and NO ONE COULD DARE PASS NEAR YOUR ARM FURTHERMORE MISS AND BRUSH YOU! #CryBlueMurder

12. The milk, the goat milk, the strawberry or plain goat milk... and the enamel bathtub or plastic bucket. God bless them, cause some people hated that breaktime snack.

13. Tamarind syrup! There was a snack lady who just lived across the street by the track to Hazelwoods. *chef's kiss* If you were lucky to be able to walk so far, there was some gooseberry syrup down Culloden Road at the back of Bay Primary by Auntie Maggie that was worth the walk, getting home late and the lashes for going away from home instead of straight of home. *double chef's kiss*

14. Hazelwoods for games and sports. 

15. Mrs. Ben... the climb up the stairs and then 15 minutes to decide on a snack from the tray.

16. Mrs Lashley...almost every year group was blessed with a Mrs Lashley, whether as a teacher, a senior teacher or principal.

17. Ms Mayers' taxi. That's all! 

18. Ms Agard ice blocks!

19. Ms Jones and Mr Clarke, now Reverend Clarke were both remembered for playing piano during morning assembly. "All things Bright and Beautiful..."

20. When it rained everyone who lives up Valerie, Scotts Gap, Laynes Road, Villa Road and Forde's Road know about taking the long way home, 'round de road. And they knew the puddles that would soak their shoes and socks so that they'd have to put them behind the fridge when they got home. 

What are your memories?

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