2016 is expected to be another top year for tourist arrivals

Barbados has registered an increase in tourist arrivals for the first quarter of the year.


If the Barbados tourism industry continues to perform as it is, 2016 should be another great year for tourist arrivals into the island.

According to Chief Executive Officer of the Barbados Hotel & Tourism Association (BHTA) Sue Springer, Barbados has been steadily increasing its performance so far for the year and is meeting projecting targets.

She made this disclosure during a presentation at the BHTA 64th Annual General Meeting, the final one she will deliver in this capacity in light of her resignation from office at the end of the year.

Springer said that for 2015 the Caribbean tourism product registered a seven per cent growth increase, surpassing the world’s overall growth by four per cent. Springer also said the performance for the first quarter of 2016 has already surpassed that for the same period of 2015, owed to the diversification of source markets.

“Barbados registered the best producing year in history for tourist arriving into the island for 2015. The provision of figures reveals arrivals increase 7.4 % during the first quarter of 2016 when compared to the previous year.

This growth is due not only to overall global interest in Caribbean travel but also as a diversification of source markets including establishing new gateways out of Boston, Bogotá Columbia and the new Thomas Cook service out of Glasglow.”  

Springer also noted the challenge of the decline in hotel room inventory which she said is soon to be remedied with the expansion of Sandals Resort, the construction of the Wyndham Grand Hotel and the proposed Hyatt Hotel in Bridgetown.