Wednesday 21 October, 2020

2018 Resolution: Take more photos

(Internet image)

(Internet image)

When the New Year rolls around, make a huge effort to capture more moments.

Take time to take photos. They say a photo is worth a thousand words but when memories fade, a photo can say even more. 

1. Take photos of your children

Many times when the police issue a missing person report it is unaccompanied by a photo, and on the odd occasion that a photo is provided, many times it is distorted or blurry or very dark. These photos sometimes appear to be more harm than profit. 

2. Take more selfies

Sometimes people themselves do not notice the impact of stress or high blood pressure on their bodies until they look at photos. You may even notice the effect a lack of sleep is having. Stress and hypertension are silent killers, so use photos to help you raise an alarm. Photos can help you get healthy as you notice subtle weight gains or weight losses. Selfies can also boost your self-esteem and self-confidence. Discover 'your side'. Spend some cash on a selfie stick, it will up your selfie game 100!

3. Take pics around the home

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God forbid a thief enters your home, many people would be unsure what was taken because they can’t remember what was where and what exactly was stolen. Help yourself by snapping a few pics here and there every now and again.

4. Photograph your neighbourhood

You may come home and notice a tree is gone. It was there from childhood and you lament its removal. But a year later you can’t even remember what the community looked like when the tree was there. This is when you'd like to pull out a photo and reminsce.

5. Capture your family, especially the elderly

Here today, gone today. Once upon a time it was 'here today, gone tomorrow' but life is so fleeting now it seems as though it should be 'here one hour, gone the next'. So take pictures and capture the laughs, the tears, the highs, the lows; photograph the people and capture their personalities, don’t seek to take poses and only modelesque shots.

6. Document the fun

Take pictures at functions, concerts and even when travelling. When you are feeling a little down and you look back at where you were last year or the fun you had four years ago, you get happy and you plan to make even more good memories. 

Also, do yourselves a favour and develop some of the photos on your cell phones and those in your Google Drive and on your computer hard drive. Hang them in the house, or get really old school and invest in an album.

You won’t regret it! 

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