Tuesday 26 May, 2020

21 noteworthy lessons we learnt from Steve Harvey at #SMS2019

Harvey in his delivery... (Photos: via YouTube)

Harvey in his delivery... (Photos: via YouTube)

The Sagicor Group in Jamaica kicked off their employee appreciation festivities last weekend with the Sagicor Motivational Seminar, #SMS2019, at the Montego Bay Convention Centre and Iberostar Selection Rose Hall Suites.

As social media posts surfaced, the event quickly became a national talking point. No surprises there!

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If you're familiar with the Sagicor team, you know the group does everything big! The #SMS2019 weekend was chockfull of entertainment packages. local musicians, sidebar seminars, and loads of motivational and inspirational discussions led by Sagicor team members completed the line-up.

But one of the biggest talking points was the specially-invited guest speakers and the guest of honour, American comedian and TV host Steve Harvey.

The Next Level-themed event was a biennial motivational conference held over three days to inspire and engage Sagicor team members for next-level greatness in all areas.

The Family Feud star was definitely the main attraction. The two-hour-long session is now live on YouTube here.

But we were so motivated, we wanted to share our favourite moments.

1 “Somebody always finds something wrong with what you're doing, even if it's okay”.

2 Don't listen to the naysayers. “It don't matter what they say, 'cause what they say don't matter.”

3 “...faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.”

4 “Imagination is everything. Your imagination is the result of what God has in store for you.” As soon as you think of it, write it down, and remember to keep your dreams and imaginations to yourself.

5 “If you think you can make it in life without God, you're tripping...you have not 'cause you ask not.”

6 “There will be no more levels for you [to reach] unless you tap into the next level of your faith.”

7 The single most important thing in your life is your dream... imagination, not your education. Suggested reading material: The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz.

8 As a child, Harvey endured a “severe stuttering problem”. He later flunked out of school, and is currently in his third marriage. He's lost everything he's ever owned twice and has lived in a car for three years when he was homeless in his 30s.

9 His first purchase on his first visit to the Rock years ago was two bottles of Ting and two Jerk chicken sandwiches.

10 At the age of 23, he found out he was allergic to poverty, though he's yet to be medically diagnosed.

11 Long before now and by way of the Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation, Harvey has adopted 10 schools, has renovated recreational centres and have contributed to schools in rural Jamaica.

12 There may be a Jamaican version of the popular game show Family Feud in the near future. Taping for Family Feud Africa starts November 11.

13 His first stand-up gig was impromptu and afforded him US$50 and after he received it, he cried as it was a pivotal moment in his newfound career.

14 Usain Bolt signed a pair of his training spikes as a special gift for Harvey, which was presented after his delivery.

15 “As a teenage you don't have to know your career path or your path in life.”

16 The veteran comedian is often nervous before a big show like the one at the Montego Bay Convention Centre recently. However, he takes deep breaths, recites his points, and remembers God's got this.

17 He invited Digicel Rising Stars champ Kacey Donaldson to test his vocal chops and later provided him with some sage advice.

18 Harvey is “62 sexy years old”! He's been a comedian for over 34 years and did his first stand-up gig on October 7, 1985. A day later he quit his job and never looked back since.

19 “Ask for something from God that you don't know how you're going to get. Put that on your vision board!”

20 He will not go places he's not familiar with #IAintComingOverThere (see here)

21 “Your gift will make room for you, you've got to identify your God-given gift. If you don't identify your gift, you gon' waste your time."

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