Saturday 8 August, 2020

30 uniquely Bajan names no longer in use

(File Photo)
Millicent Yearwood, one of Barbados' past centenarians.

(File Photo) Millicent Yearwood, one of Barbados' past centenarians.

As Barbados prepares to celebrate 53 years of Independence, we take a look back at aspects of our culture unique to the island. 

During the years 1930-1960, there were a whole host of names circulating on Barbadian birth certificates which are now considered to be quite unusual. 

These were names used widely during our grandparents' and great-grand parents’ generation, and if you know of anyone under 30 who bears any of the names on this list, he or she was most definitely raised by a gran.

Perusing the list of Barbados’ centenarians, rest assured some, if not all, of these names will make an appearance.

With the advent of technology, parents are now choosing names from all corners of the earth and these uniquely Bajan names have since retired to history's page. 

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1 Myrtle

2 Millicent

3 Agatha

4 Doreen

5 Maureen

6 Hyacinth

7 Ethelbert

8 Mabel

9 Mavis

10 Pearlita

11 Philomena

12 Beulah

13 Leotta

14 Olga

15 Ursala



1 Eugene

2 Fitzgerald/Fitzroy/Fitzpatrick

3 Philbert

4 Darnley

5 Livingston

6 Decoursy/Dacosta

7 Theophilus

8 Adolphus

9 Beresford

10 Randolph/ Rudolph

11 Colbert

12 St Clair

13 Erwin

14 Arrundel

15 Seymour 

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