Monday 30 March, 2020

Update: 4D explains International Bashment Soca Monarch second place

The 2019 International Bashment Soca Monarch in Barbados ended on a historic note with a tie.


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This was a first for the competition that was established in 2018 when the Bashment Soca Monarch competition was revamped to allow for entrants from outside of Barbados.

However, even with a tie between SK and King Bubba FM for first place, there was a second place awarded to the inaugural International Bashment Soca Monarch, and 2018 winner Lil Rick.

Causing some controversy and leaving many questioning the order, 4D Entertainment, organiser of the IBSM, issued a press release stating that they wished to acknowledge the high standard of bashment soca this year and share the wealth.

"The Competition changed its format in 2018, when it became open to international entrants, but with the prize winnings remaining as 'winner takes all' at the end of the Competition. No second or third place prize was previously allotted. This year’s Competition has, however, become the first year that the prize winnings were extended across three categories of first, second and third place. Although it is recognized as customary that in competitions where there is a tie for first place, it is typically followed by third position, 4D Entertainment has spread the winnings across the three categories of first, second and third to recognize and award the high standard of performance and contribution of music presented at the Competition.

"The 2019 Competition Rules makes clear provisions for winners in three separate categories and specifies that the overall Winner of the competition shall receive the Grand Prize of sixty thousand Barbados dollars (BBD $60,000.00) and where there is a tie for first place, the Grand Prize shall be equally divided between both winners. SK and King Bubba FM as the first placed winners of the Competition, therefore, each receive a total cash prize of thirty thousand Barbados dollars (BBD $30,000.00).

"Lil Rick receives the cash prize of fifteen thousand Barbados dollars (BBD $15,000.00) and Unda Dawg, the cash prize of five thousand Barbados dollars (BBD $5,000.00)."

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