Tuesday 22 October, 2019

5 Things a Crop Over fete needs to win

Amanda, who we met last year and ran into this year again.

Amanda, who we met last year and ran into this year again.

It’s not impossible for a promoter organising a Crop Over event to win.

It’s yet to be decided what event wins the whole season, but each event can rack up wins here and there with their customer service, layout, DJ selection, performance lineup and uniqueness.

This list is the highest rated needs of patrons in 2018. They may want more, but these needs top the lists for many who Loop spoke to for the Crop Season so far.

1. Clean bathrooms

Even if the toilets are chemical toilets, when patrons pull that plastic door and inside is clean; there is tissue and it has the little sink that you can pump with your foot; and even a mirror at the back of the door…you win!!!

There is a lady that works with Infra named Amanda...5 STARS! She does not lapse nor lag. LOOP loves her!!!! We met Amanada at Brek-fus last year, saw her at UV Vibe 2017 and ran into her at UV this year again. Last week at the Carlisle Bay Centre, she had her hands full of toilet paper rolls as she declared: "I just send out for these. My bathrooms can't be without paper. No no no!" And though the event was an hour from finishing, she said an emergency can happen and she is ready. She even went into the stalls and put in the rolls. A UK visitor attending the event said, "I can do it", and Amanda said "No sweetheart I take care of in here from top to bottom." She is exceptional. (#Disclaimer: We do not know her and are not affiliated with her company)

2. No lines for food

At one fete the food stations were laid-out and as a patron walked by and moved one, if you blinked too long you’d think the spot was filled by a new plate magically. Those servers were AMAZING!

3. Fully-stocked bars

Skipping Barbados rum off a drinks menu is inexcusable in 2018. With Barbados rums winning global awards, why are Bajans and visitors to our island for Crop Over getting a steady pouring of foreign rums?

4. Giveaways

When you hit the entry and the door-person not only dives you an armband but graces you with a fan, headband, lei, bottle or cup, it’s so much sweeter. Shoooot…one promoter actually had the cup already filled with liquid.

5. Soca

There are some who argue for 100-per cent soca in the Last Lap, but to be honest, from the reaction by some patrons to dance hall in Crop Over fetes, the jury is still out on that front. But what is certain, soca must be in the majority and not just a loop of the popular 2018 tracks. #nopunintended

Take note if you want to win!

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