Wednesday 12 August, 2020

5 worst mistakes people make on marathon days

There are many marathon runs and walks monthly to raise awareness for numerous worthwhile causes globally.

Many times participants are not prepared for the walk or run on the day.

Here are five common mistakes people make:

1. New shoes

Buying shoes to match the cause colour is nice, but you should try to break in those trainers before the big day. Some experts argue the trainers should be worn a minimum of five times before the big race.

2. No new foods or drinks

Before the race, do not try consuming anything for the first time. This is not the day to try that new energy pill, or energy drink or nutrition bar. Do not risk upsetting your stomach or bowels before the race.

3. Forgetting water bottles

You may be tempted to freeze your water for the big race, but you should take it down early and put it beside your keys so you do not forget it. Even if your water runs hot, there will be numerous stations where you can top up. It's better to have any empty water bottle with you than a full one forgotten in the freezer or fridge.

4. Misplacing gear

Do you have your number and pin?

Do you have your cap or sun visor?

Do you have your watch or smatch watch or step counter?

Do you have your smartphone or phone with radio or MP3 player or iPod?

Do you have your ear pods or headphones?

5. Going beyond your limit

Know your limit! Quit when you need to please. Do not consider others or push yourself to an extreme beyond exhaustion or to the point of dehydration. If you start to feel nauseous or feel like vomiting, blacking out, or develop any other symptoms, do not end your marathon with an ambulance ride to the hospital. Bow out gracefully. Even ask a Marshall or race volunteer to help you to the medical tent or to the 'sag truck'. What is a sag truck? Sometimes there is a vehicle behind the runners collecting the stragglers and the sick. Hop on!

Try to avoid these mistakes and pace yourself. Run or walk for the cause but be well prepared.

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