Saturday 8 August, 2020

6 things we should do to avoid another lockdown

COVID-19 Banner stock image

COVID-19 Banner stock image

Well, we have made it to the end of months of curfews, closures and stay at home orders.

For some who travelled during this period, they would have also endured quarantine and maybe even isolation.

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As Barbados enters a new reopening phase, some people are still hoping for the establishment of a kind of new normal post-COVID with hints of the old norm. That is, we have to work hard and consciously grapple with the new protocols coupled with the relaxed measures adopted today (June 15). 

Do you always remember your mask when leaving home?

Many are already on edge that things may descend right back into harsh measures if Barbadians ignore the warnings of authorities and ignore social distancing. 'Aunty Mia' specifically said that just as restrictions can be lifted, a brake can be applied and a reversion if the need arises.

Considering that our rate of infection has been comparatively low, Barbadians have to be mindful of their next steps to avoid a second wave, especially with tourism set to return soon.

So here are some suggestions to ensure that Barbados avoids another lockdown.

1) Observe Social Distancing

This may seem obvious but we all know we have seen people still not doing this even during the harsh lockdown. It is distressing witnessing people still not giving people the prerequisite room of up to six feet in all directions. Just because things are relaxing do not think you can be in each other's faces hugging and kissing.

2) Stop Panic Buying

Running out to the supermarket like the world is about to end and buying up everything may be great for stimulating the economy in some ways but panic buying still will mean people are running out en masse and putting more homes at risk.

3) Keep Wearing Masks

There is a definite benefit to wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in the midst of all this. I know some people would wear hazmat suits if they could at this time but that may just be a bit much. However still please keep wearing your masks when you go out as it will protect you against the possibility of transmitting the virus or possibly spreading it.

4) Use Hand Sanitizer

Most people have been pretty good about this but it doesn't hurt to say it again.  

5) Try Not Using Cash

Using debit and credit cards to reduce contact is a great thing to attempt right now, though this option may not be realistic for everyone in society.

Everyone will not be able to do this due to numerous constraints, and many small to medium-sized businesses in the country know how expensive it is to get access to and provide these services. But wherever we can, try to reduce contact by not paying by cash.

6) Keep Washing Your Hands

If this pandemic has taught anything it is that people do not take hygiene as seriously as they should in the world. And the concept of just washing hands and cleaning down surfaces thoroughly has become a strong regimen for many. This needs to stay a staple of society so that when hugs and handshakes return the world's hygiene is on point and prepared to face anything that may arise.

7) Stay Updated and Educated

Most importantly, though the news may have annoyed or depressed you because you felt overwhelmed and suffocated at times, do not bury your head in the sand, Tuen in to news stations including Loop and any other news apps, so that you can separate the facts and myths which still surround COVID-19 as the research continues and the hunt for a vaccine stays on. 

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