Thursday 2 July, 2020

6PMSplash making a big mark on the art landscape

The four artists of 6PMSplash

The four artists of 6PMSplash

Like the three musketeers plus one, four young artists are joining forces with paintbrushes, water and canvas to make money beautifully and creatively.

And though to some it may not makes sense, to the members of 6PMSplash it makes sense and cents, which add up to dollars. In the face of some negativity received this week after completing their first 2019 collaborative creation, the four are having a good laugh along with their supportive fans.

Photo caption: The #4 Men of 6PMSpalsh

The team comprises 26-year-old Fine Artist/Concierge Co-ordinator/ Marketing professional Shain Clarke, formerly of Lodge School; full-time artist 25-year-old Shane Eastmond who attended Deighton Griffith; Fine Artist/Reinsurance officer, 25-year-old Alex Marshall, a graduate of Harrison college; and Ellerslie Secondary School graduate, Visual Artist/Realtor Kevon Hall, who is 29 years old.

Jumping into the public's eye on Instagram with their newest sunset piece, one of the artists remTeamworkeam work makes the dream work." The four have been together since 2017.

Chatting with Loop Lifestyle, 6PMSplash said:

"This mural was commissioned by the owner of Church Point #2 - a luxury villa that is managed by Bluesky Luxury, the company where Shain works. 

"The mural is inspired by an old postcard Ann - the owner of the villa, received from a long-time friend which has on a print of a sunset seascape painted by Jill Walker, an English artist, who settled in Barbados in the 1950s.

"Ann wanted to have the mural done on that wall because it’s the first thing her guest will see when they arrive at the villa and what’s better than arriving at your holiday villa and seeing a beautiful mural of a Bajan sunset?!"

With some questioning the business decision to work together on the piece, 6PMSplash knew exactly what the artwork meant to them.

"As PMSplash, 6PMSplash actually, we are a collective.

"We enjoy creating and painting together, not only can we finish small and large murals in a fraction of the time it takes one person to do, but it’s also an experience that gives us the opportunity to learn different techniques from each other. The end result is always something beautiful created by the four of us which is unique and we pride ourselves on being able to collaborate because we just love art!"

But, where did the name 6PMSplash come from? Loop just had to ask as the interview wrapped up.

Laughing, the response was, "The name really came up when we were trying to choose a time for our events to start & it’s a cultural reference. Bajans are never early so we choose to say 6 pm so they would get there by 8 pm or 9 pm the earliest, and splash references the painting and splashing paint on canvas."

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