Saturday 11 July, 2020

7 Things that get Bajans out the house when it's raining

Overcast skies in Barbados

Overcast skies in Barbados

Bajans hate to be out and about in the rain.

It's a fact that's not up for debate. If a Bajan is out and the rain comes, they will push through - but leaving home when the rain is falling is a whole other kettle of fish.

  1.  Money - If someone who owes a Bajan money says, "I will pay you tomorrow. Meet me at XYZ at such and such time." You can best believe that a storm could come, the owner of the money will be there waiting anxiously for what is his or hers.  

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  2. Food - When a Bajan's stomach start to growl, if they are hellbent on some fast food or need to go buy groceries, they will go through the drizzles fast.
  3. Event tickets - After shelling out $180 or $220 or $350 for an all-inclusive ticket, not even a flood watch or the flu can keep a Bajan home.
  4. Children - When the rain is falling, any Bajan parent will venture out into a downpour and flooding streets to collect his or her child from school.
  5. Church - The grannies and mummies whose lives tend to revolve around the church, those who sit on a committee or two or are stewards in the church, do not miss a Saturday or Sunday. Rain cannot stop them from spending the sabbath in the Lord's House.
  6. Netflix and chill - For some, a chance to Netflix and chill with the right person or significant other is enough incentive to swim through flood waters and ignore a flood warning.
  7. Bills - If Bajans did not have bills to pay and other financial responsibilities, some would even skip work when it rains. But the truth of the matter is that feeding your household, keeping your furniture that is on hire purchase, saving for a trip, making car payments and paying rent mean that Massa day ain't done, rain or no rain. 

What gets you out the house when it's raining?

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