Friday 22 November, 2019

8 South Coast changes: Do you remember the old South Coast?

Worthing, South Coast

Worthing, South Coast

As older Bajans say, developments 'gran-mur' have occurred around this little island and along the South Coast is no different. Hotels have come and gone, the coastline has endured erosion and the sewer lines are not standing the test of time and misuse.

But before the issue and scent, the South Coast had some other highlights and landmarks. Throw your minds back.

1. Do you remember Sandy Beach?

Once before you could walk out for what felt like miles at Sandy Beach. It was a true sandy bank in most places. However, you had to be careful of any drop-offs.

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2. Do you remember Club Xtreme?

Foam fetes, flashing lights, VIP rooms, pool and music; can you remember Rude Wednesdays?

3. Do you remember Carib Beach Bar?

It was a nice little hideaway. Since then it has changed owners and name a few times. 

4. Do you remember the Vista Cinema?

Think Cave Shepherd Vista, next to Sol/ESSO gas station. Did you watch a movie there ever?

5. Do you remember Sandy Beach Hotel?

The structure is still there, the rooms are empty and it is but a shell of its former glory.

6. Do you remember the old Hastings Rocks?

There was no boardwalk and no Blakey’s, just a Caribbee Hotel next door.

7. Remember MacDonald’s?

Consider Consolidated Finance’s location. That used to be the home of Ronald McDonald!

8. Did you tour the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary before its closure?

The scarlet ibises and flamingos used to be so pretty.

Bonus question

Do you remember the name of the pizza place that was located across from Chicken Barn Worthing, where the Shop Smart Express is currently?

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