Saturday 31 October, 2020

8 Things that sound weird to a Bajan's ears on Good Friday

Good Friday is just another day for some in Barbados, while for Christians it was the turning point or breaking point and yet for others, it is a special day but only because it is steeped in non-religious tradition.

On Good Friday, there are some things that Bajans are not accustomed hearing. For example, almost everyone will be playing that Gospel playlist they use on Sundays or that they go to when de devil sends someone at them and they're calling on God, because 'not today satan. I am not the one!'

We all know that gospel playlist and it usually includes 'I know who I am' by Sinach. 

Here are eight things that make a Bajan ask you if you being serious on a Good Friday, known to Bajans as Good Fridee:

1. Person: I going tuh de beach

Bajan: Pardon me? Wuh you mean you gine tuh de beach pon a Good Fridee?! Yuh gine in backwards? Cause I always hear my grandmudda say if yuh dare guh tuh de beach tuhday yuh go in backwards and you go in de house backwards too after. That is tuh much backwardsness fuh me. I gine leff it out. Check me Mundee [Easter Monday].

2. Person: I got some pork here seasoned

Bajan: You mean fish? F-I-S-H? How you eating pork Easter weekend?

3. Person: I gine to 9:00 mass

Bajan: You mean midday, 12:00 pm service for three hours? Wunna have an early Good Fridee service?

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4. Person: Wait, you gine church quick and come back?

Bajan: Tinggggg wuh evuhbody know Good Fridee service is at least three hours. Yiu have me excellent talking bout quick. When last you darken de church doorsteps uh Good Fridee?

5. Person: I don't eat hot cross buns

Bajan: But wuh you mean? Once a year, and you can't make an exception?

6. Person: Happy Good Friday!

Bajan: No no noooo! That don't even sound right. Happy? Happy Good Friday? 

7. Person: You going to the promotion tuh night?

Bajan: You gine to a fete Good Friday? Don't mix me. I don't party this weekend.

8. Person: I ain't buy a kite fuh de child and now he keep uh whole lotta noise in my head

Bajan: HE RIGHT! Um is Easter! You buy fish, eggs to waste looking for shapes and kites if you have children. 

What else makes you bat an eyelash in confusion on Good Friday?

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