Tuesday 22 September, 2020

8 ways to give love on Valentine's Day for free

Valentine's Day is in full swing and love is in the air! 

The couples are enjoying this day to the max and for those who are not in a relationship, the pressure to not get caught up in the whirlwind of love is heavy! 

Don't fear, today is not only limited to married couples or those in a relationship. You too can share in the Valentine's festivities and better yet, you can do it without even pulling your pocket. 

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1. Kiss a loved one- Sharing a kiss is not limited to couples. Kiss your children, kiss your parents and grandparents, kiss your pets and tell them how much you love them. 

2. Write a thank-you note - Make a co-worker or friend feel appreciated today by writing them a simple thank-you note. 

3. Help someone with a task - Share the love with stranger today by helping them with a task. Help them carry their bags or even help an elderly person to cross the road. 

4. Smile at a stranger - Never underestimate how being kind to a stranger can brighten their day. Smile at a stranger today. 

5. Hold the door/elevator open for a stranger - A simple gesture is a great way to show goodness to strangers. 

6. Give someone a ride - If you see a neighbour or a familiar person at the bus stop or on the road why not give them a ride? It will definitely make their day! 

7. Tell your crush how you really feel - This is risky territory but hey what is the worst that could happen? Tell that special person you are attracted to them. 

8. Tell someone they are beautiful - If you really want to show love today, share a genuine compliment with someone and watch their face brighten up! 


Have a lovely Valentine's Day filled with love and happiness! 

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