Friday 13 December, 2019

Activist tells Blue Tourism developers not to build on Accra Beach

Audience at the Blue Horizon Town Hall Meeting.

Audience at the Blue Horizon Town Hall Meeting.

Anthony 'Mighty Gabby' Carter is ready to fight for another beach in Barbados to remain accessible and undeveloped.

At 71 years old, the Cultural Ambassador and Activist believes he isn't too old to lead persons of like mind in a protest to upend tourism development, this time at Accra Beach in Rockley, Christ Church.

Taking the microphone and the floor at the Blue Horizon Re-development Town Hall Meeting, earlier tonight (July 18) held at Accra Beach Hotel and Spa, Gabby threw down the gauntlet, making his stance against the project clear.


But he stressed that he's not fighting for himself, or for persons in the room which comprised many residents in the Accra, Rockley and Blue Waters areas. He said that this is a battle to see that the generations coming up now still have free public access to all beaches along Barbados' coasts when they grow up.

Having faced down similar situations in the past and even more powerful opponents, with his most recent beach protest action happening along the East coast at Crane Beach last year around his 70th birthday, Gabby warned the developers that they do not want him as an enemy.

He said:

"You got me to deal with...

"Tom Adams couldn't handle me; Errol Barrow couldn't handle me; Erskine Sandiford couldn't handle me; Owen Arthur couldn't handle me; David Thompson couldn't handle me and Jack Dear certainly couldn't handle me. 

"I am saying to you that we the people of Barbados will not allow you, I say to you collectively you, to put that restaurant on that beach.... That cannot happen... It will not happen!"

Getting loud applause and cheers of agreement from members of the audience, Gabby promised that he will take "all of these people" along to block any project that the contractors, developers and hotelier intend to put on that beach.

"Do not give up this struggle!" he urged the crowd of supporters. 

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