Sunday 15 December, 2019

Alison Hinds launches new website

Alison Hinds’ may be a household name and her music has taken her sound around the globe, but people can now see everything about the Queen in one place.

Asked why they took the step to build and launch a website, Darryl "DLIFE " Payne, Manager/ DJ/ Producer for Alison Hinds told Loop:

“In this entertainment industry, one's focus is to stay relevant, remain current, and to always promote the artiste. In addition, it allows her fans across the globe to be connected and in tune with her latest music, ventures and upcoming projects.”

So why now?

Smiling, DLIFE said, “No time like the present. It is important to keep abreast with the latest technology and current social media trends, hence the re-launch of her website.”

Through the site which shows a gallery, her albums, event schedule, biography, contact info, blog, and a shop fans get to delve into the Queen's world.

With a welcome message of ‘Discover my music’ DLIFE said that through the website the hope ideally is to widen her fan base, plus "it is a legitimate avenue through which the artiste could be contacted and allows greater traffic to the website as this encourages advertisers to invest in the artiste as well,” he added.

Launched only yesterday, today DLIFE was very happy with the stats posted already.

“The day one stats were very impressive and with checking the traffic and unique visitors per page, all of the tabs were explored,” he disclosed.

Hinds returned to Crop Over last year releasing new tracks in May 2016. She is currently performing at events in Trinidad and Tobago as their Carnival season continues.


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