Saturday 20 July, 2019

Almost 10 disqualified as bashment soca gets better

Voting is ongoing for the semifinalists now.

Voting is ongoing for the semifinalists now.

The rule breakers who were disqualified this year, while in their quest to be the next Bashment Soca King/Queen, were cut with reason.

However, it was only a small percentage of the growing number of entries, which did not follow the rules and regulations outlined.

A representative from 4D Entertainment told Loop News:

“There was criteria [sic] that was supposed to be followed. The music was not supposed to have been released before 2017. So that would have been one of the criteria where in some cases one or two of the artistes fell down.

“There was also disqualification from the end that some of the music was not necessarily bashment soca music. It bordered more on the dancehall genre than on the bashment soca itself.”

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When pressed to explain what is the difference between bashment soca and dancehall, she said that she was not certain but judges determined such.

“The judges were the ones who would determine that, so they were looking for a particular type of mix and that kind of thing. I can’t tell you exactly what it is because I am not a producer of bashment, but they know what bashment music is, it is some sort of blend, it’s a specific blend they are looking for. It can’t be too much dancehall, too much of a dancehall element…

“In some instances it was actually straight out dance hall, and people may think that riding a riddim a particular way may make it a bashment song or they may think that using particular words or repetition or certain lyrics might make it bashment or a bashment soca, but there are elements that I think the producers and the actual people who make the music look for when they are producing a bashment soca song.”

Rudy Maloney of 4D Entertainment when asked to explain the distinction also stated:

“For you to come up with the criteria etcetera, a number of producers etcetera put together the criteria. It wasn’t about us [4D Entertainment], ‘cause producers is [sic] who produce bashment, so they have to know what they are producing. So that criteria came from them, a number of them, not one nor just two.”

Entering more than one song also stopped some people from being qualified to be judged. The rep said, “about two or three people entered two or three songs. You should determine upfront which is best and submit, not leave it to the judges.”

Additionally, you could not enter as both an individual and as a group or duet, you had a choice upfront, she further explained.

Overall, under 10 entries were disqualified with majority qualifying and going through to be judged.

“It was a lot better than some of the entries last year and artistes are paying attention to what they write, the lyrical content and the melodies and the structure, and they are kind of adhering to the processes and that kind of stuff."

Pleased that more persons entered this year and even more delighted by the fact that there has been “a better quality of music” submitted, the representative from 4D Entertainment also shared that females are getting “bolder” with eight entering and despite popular beliefs, the entrants ranged in age from 21 to 61. She remarked, “Everybody seeing it as an opportunity to make a contribution to the genre.”

The deadline was seriously adhered to, "at 4:30 pm exact entries closed". The entry point was CBC on Friday, June 9, 2017, and judging was the following Saturday and Sunday.

The 12 semifinalists are now seeking votes online to advance to the finals.

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