Tuesday 7 July, 2020

Anderson Cherry issues strong response to Professor Avinash Persaud

Anderson Cherry operates the Quarry at Lower Estate, St Michael.

Anderson Cherry operates the Quarry at Lower Estate, St Michael.

Anderson Cherry has blasted Barbadian economist and financial analyst Professor Avinash Persaud, for his comments made last week as he addressed the Barbados International Business Association's (BIBA) conference, at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre.

The Professor who is also Chairman of Intelligence Capital Ltd, called on the government to look at their bottom line and in the same context used the quarry at Lears, St Michael operated by Cherry as an example.

Cherry says that he does not understand why the quarry he operates at Lears was mentioned.

“I would like the professor to do the math. Let’s say a truck came into my facility every 15 mins, there are four (4) 15 mins in an hour and at $35.00 per 15 min, that would be $140.00 per hour. Then there are 8 hours in a day, so that would be $1,120.00 per day.  Multiply that for 7days and you will get out $7,840.00 per week. Let’s look at my cost associated, six people work at the facility at a cost of $4,900.00 per week and a D8 [tractor] rental at $25,000.00 per week plus light and water and other expenses," Cherry outlined.

He continued by stressing that he is putting Barbados first:

“I want the professor to know I am a Barbadian and what I am doing is for my country and I am not looking at no bottom line. I know I have to operate at losses for the next five to seven years, and I also want the professor to know I take environmental issues very serious that’s why I started this project.

Noting that he has listened to those who are upset about the quarry and what is done there, Cherry reiterated:

“We had a problem, I have heard the residents cry and I have fixed the problem. It took me longer than I expected because of the weather but we fix the problem I would like the professor to come and visit the facility and see what we are doing so he can better speak on the matter.”

“Tell the professor also this is waste management and not Four Seasons….. Please tell him me that my quarry is also in a Zone 3/4 area and not in a Zone 1 like others that are doing the same thing and I would like to know why no one is looking at them, is it because my mother leave me out in the sun too long?”

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