Friday 27 November, 2020

Angry girls escalating to fearful heights

Freeze frame from the video.

Freeze frame from the video.

The growing level of aggression amongst female students must no longer be swept aside or under the carpet.

“We’re extremely concerned. We’re past the stage of being concerned about this type of behaviour. We have raised this issue on numerous occasions and made reference to the increasing deviant behaviour, violent behaviour, aggressive behaviour of our female students.”

Saddened this morning after seeing a video of a Lester Vaughan Secondary School senior student being beaten by fellow schoolmates, the President of the Barbados National Council of Parent - Teacher Associations Inc., Shone Gibbs said that girls are outdoing boys and not in a good way.

He said, “It has gone to a new level that has surpassed what we have seen with male students, increasing in number and aggression.”

Speaking to Loop News, he said:

“This situation brought tears to my eyes – for the family, for the young lady. As a parent myself it brought tears to my eyes.”

And he said that to begin to address this issue calls for a holistic approach, which calls for all stakeholders in society to put their hands to the plough.

“This is a matter that must engage all persons at the national level, all stakeholders – parents, family, church, education, everything, because the role of females in society and females in family.

“In terms of family this does not spell good for future generations, if we have a cadre of females, yes in the minority that will now become parents to a future generation.”

To parents and guardians who are saying, ‘Were that my child who was beaten, I would…’, Gibbs cautioned:

“No we cannot take the law into our hands. It would not be a good example. Remember we are constantly modeling in what we do that would inform the behaviour of our children.

"However, the law must be executed to the hilt. We must ensure that evertything is done.”

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