Sunday 26 May, 2019

Another motion filed against Hyatt construction

Attorney-at-law and social activist, David Comissiong, has returned to the High Court to file a second motion to halt building construction on the Hyatt Centric in The City.

Just last month Comissiong filed an application for an injunction challenging the permission granted by Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart, who has responsibility for Town and Country Planning matters, for construction to begin.

This morning the attorney was back at the High Court before Justice Randall Worrell for a second application - this time to request that developers suspend any work until the court rules on the cases regarding the building permission.

Construction work on the Hyatt officially began on March 15 when precast company, Preconco Limited, owned and run by Maloney, started clearing the area to lay the foundation.

Speaking to Loop News on the steps of the High Court this morning, Comissiong said he is confident the court will "put a pause on Mr. Maloney’s construction activity until the court can have a full hearing".

He also said his decision to file a second motion was necessary as he noted the developers have an obligation to await the court’s decision before embarking any further on construction.

“I think it is self evident, it is common sensical, it is rational that if you have a challenge to planning permission that it would not make sense for the developer to embark upon the project against the backdrop that such a challenge may be successful.

"Particularly where the challenge is saying that the project in question may do serious damage to the environment. So it is common sensical that you would suspend any construction activity until the court has had an opportunity to investigate the entire matter and make a decision one way or the other."

Deputy Solicitor General, Jennifer Edwards, who is representing the Prime Minister, requested a week to file affidavits in response to Comissiong’s second motion.

The two parties are set to return to court on April 19, 2017, while the hearing regarding the challenge to building permissions is to be heard on May 9, 2017. 


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