Monday 16 September, 2019

Artist erects Christ-like statue of Kanye West in Hollywood

Bearing cloven hooves, with a sign below entitled "False Idol", the artist 'Plastic Jesus' says the work is supposed to represent the way society idolises celebrities, to the point of crucifying them. 

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the statue was unveiled on February 22 and has caused varying responses. 

The sculpture is part of a series of free-standing pieces that the artist usually puts on to coincide with the Oscars. 

In 2015, he created a life-size Oscar statue snorting cocaine on all fours. His other works have included an Oscar statue with a heroin need in its arm — inspired by the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman — and a graffiti piece with Lance Armstrong cycling while attached to an IV bag.

The artist told the Hollywood Reporter that Kanye "is not God".

"He's a genius at writing and producing but he's not a God, and that's where we put him. Until there's an issue in his life or a hiccup in his career, then we crucify him."

"We've seen it before with people like Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan. The same people who put him into a God-like place are the same yapping at his heels for a piece of flesh when something happens."

He looked at the rapper's controversial statements, recent breakdown and hospitalisation as reasons for his public fall from grace.

The artist said he is an admirer of Kim Kardashian's husband. 

"I would say the message is this: By all means, treat and respect these people are artists, but don't make them into gods — because we crucify our gods," he said.



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