Monday 22 July, 2019

Attorney's application for bail denied, client remanded after 'escape'

A man accused of escaping police custody was remanded to HMP Dodds yesterday.

The 59-year-old, Herwin Llewellyn Burrowes of Taylor Gap, Delamere Land, Belmont Road, St Michael allegedly escaped police custody on June 9, with the use of force, after he was arrested and charged with a drug offence.

He was not required to plead to the escape charge but admitted to possessing, supplying and trafficking of cannabis on June 9.

He denied additional charges of assaulting and resisting Police Constable Jabari Mayers. These allegedly occurred on the same date. 

The court objected to Burrowes' bail on the ground that the escape was allegedly executed through the use of force.

Attorney-at-law for Burrowes made an unsuccessful application for his bail. He was remanded until August 17.

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