Friday 16 November, 2018

Aura, Baje and Blue Box Cart rule Teen Vogue Top 10 costumes list

The Most Eye-catching pieces according to Teen Vogue's freelance fashion journalist

The Most Eye-catching pieces according to Teen Vogue's freelance fashion journalist

Barbados' Grand Kadooment has been featured in international fashion, entertainment and lifestyle magazine Teen Vogue.

Freelance Fashion journalist Shamarra Lawrence wrote a piece - The 10 Most Head-Turning Costumes I Saw at Barbados Cropover Festival. Placed under the Street Style tab with the title 'Street Style at Barbados Crop Over Festival', using photos sourced from the Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc. her favourites came from Aura the Experience, Baje International and Blue Box Cart.

Speaking to Loop News about seeing Baje's costumes in Teen Vogue, Director Richard Haynes said:

"It's awesome to see the costumes out there, getting showcased by international media, especially fashion media. That is definitely awesome because we try to compete not just on a local platform but on a global platform when it comes to fashion and styles. Like Victoria Secret and so on not just the local shows. So it is a blessing to have effort endorsed by a real international entity that is fashion-focused. That is a real blessing...

"We're very happy, after 20 years to still be trending and current and staying ahead of the ball, is an absolute blessing."

Grand Kadooment 2018

Baje International was sold out some 10 days ahead of Grand Kadooment, a feat that Haynes said is only made possible by their fans, supporters and patrons who continue to put their trust and funds into the Baje International brand Crop Over after Crop Over. 

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Matthew 'Fewwture' Ashby of Aura the Experience was wowed at the accomplishment. Aura hitting the pages of Teen Vogue came as a pleasant surprise for him.

He said, "That’s really cool, had no idea." And he was happy to see that Aura was represented alongside other bands like Baje and Blue Box Cart who have been in this game for decades and are still turning out competitive, high-quality products annually.

In terms of Aura's 2018 numbers, he shared, "Sales overall were good from a numbers point of view."

Blue Box Cart's Gypsy Soul, Daredevil, Nomad and Warrior God made the Top 10 list. The 2018 theme for the band was Wild at Heart and it swept four of the 10 spots on the most eye-catching list for Teen Vogue. That is nearly 50 per cent of the Top 10 list and Blue Box Cart does not judge for the Crop Over awards.

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