Monday 13 July, 2020

A Bajan Road Trip - 5 Facts about St Andrew

Sea grapes grown and sold in Barbados.

Sea grapes grown and sold in Barbados.

Controversy surrounds St Andrew Parish Church.

For this reason and some others, Loop stopped and explored the entire parish of St Andrew during our Bajan Road Trip.


Here are five facts about St Andrew:

1. St Andrew Parish Church

Some people think the church was destroyed by a hurricane, while others refute this claim. The Anglican Diocese of Barbados sides with the belief that the church was destroyed. The local diocese web page states:

'St Andrews Church was established circa 1630, but the one which was in existence in 1831 was destroyed by the hurricane of that year.  The cornerstone of the present Church was laid  in 1846 and it was consecrated by Bishop Thomas Parry in 1855.'

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2. A. Dacosta Edwards Primary School

Knew the A stands for Arlington? Well, the school was named after the educator and politician. Once the St Andrew Primary School, in 2011 the A Dacosta Primary School became an amalgamation of St Andre Primary and Chalky Mount Primary.

3. The Alleyne School

Only if you wore the maroon, gold and navy would you know what is The Bay. #Ifyuhknowyuhknow

4. Barclays Park

Named a park, this rest stop on school tours brought tears to some confused and hopeful students over the years when they arrived and found no swings, seesaws, monkey bars nor slides. But why was it called Barclays Park? This land was gifted to Barbados by Barclays Bank!

5. Mount Hillaby

The highest point on Barbados is Mt Hillaby. On a relatively flat island, Barbadians are proud of their "mountain" located in the Scotland District in St Andrew on the East coast of Barbados.

What do you love about St Andrew?


What is A Bajan Road Trip?

Journeying from the North, Loop is on the move from now until Independence Day, November 30. Together with Digicel and Courtesy Garage, we will explore Barbados.

Thank you Courtesy Garage Ltd. and Courtesy Car Rentals. 

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