Monday 28 September, 2020

A Bajan Road Trip: Route 53 - St Peter

St Nicholas Abbey on Cherry Tree Hill.

St Nicholas Abbey on Cherry Tree Hill.

Six Mens Fishing Village, two ports and a quaint town - welcome to St Peter.

Situated next to St Lucy, as the Loopmobile travels down from the most Northern parish, our explorations took us up and over many hills in St Peter, introduced us to rum and showed us some ruins.

St Peter has coasts, it has lush green trees and it has some reddish soil in some parts that tell you you're heading into new territory. It's one of the parishes with a good mix of all things Barbadian including sand, clay and limestone.

Check out the parish of St Peter:


Thank you to the National Conservation Commission (NCC) and team at St Nicholas Abbey for opening your doors to us.


What is A Bajan Road Trip?

Journeying from the North, Loop is on the move from now until Independence Day, November 30. Together with Digicel and Courtesy Garage, we will explore Barbados.

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