Monday 13 July, 2020

Bajans, baggage and travel fees: 5 workarounds

Baggage claim (Internet image)

Baggage claim (Internet image)

Barbadians, especially the experienced travelling bunch, know how to work baggage fees.

And if they weren't good at it before, price hikes along with the newly government-introduced airline travel and tourism development fee for Barbadians travelling within the region and further, will help Bajans improve their adjustment skills.

On all flights booked on or after yesterday, August 27, 2018, on JetBlue Airlines, passengers will now pay USD $5 more for their first and second checked bags, and an additional USD $50 for their third piece.

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Some travellers may be in up arms but resourceful Bajans will adjust as they did from the time baggage fees were introduced some years ago, with even JetBlue adding their baggage fee late in the game, in 2015.

5 Bajan workarounds:

1. "Nobody don't ask fuh nuttin"

Nowadays when a Bajan is travelling to over and away, the aim is to travel light, so gone are the days of going up with a bag or two full of frozen fish, seasoning, cheese, Ju-C, red Frutee, sugarcakes, sweetbread, cassava pone, lead pipes and tamarind balls. With these new fees, be lucky if you get a frozen roti or a pack of Hills corncurls.

2. "If um is a liquid for sure don't ask"

Jasmine: Just bring two bottles of hot sauce when yuh coming. That is all!

Gran: I ain't checking nuttin. So if it aint less than 4 oz. don't ask for no liquids.

3. Conservation is key

Greg: How much bags you bringing?

Margaret: Two!

Greg: Oh great! Mildred got some dolphin for me and six sweetbread and ....

Margaret: Skippa! I bring one bag inside de next and one grip full!

4. Others have an emergency fund, Bajans have a baggage fund

Don't ask a Bajan about traveller's insurance but best believe that they have coppers set aside for baggage!

They will put aside the baggage fees before they even leave home. Once upon a time, there was a BBD $50 departure tax and every Bajan knew to put that aside from early. Now, it's the baggage fee. And look sharp for the return trip now, some Bajans will set aside USD $30 for the first bag, USD $40 for the second bag, and even USD $150 for the third bag. 

5. What is overweight?

When one-pound overweight could cost you now USD $150 as of yesterday on JetBlue, instead of USD $100, which Bajan you know that wouldn't just invest in the same USD $150 but for a third bag and a full 50 pounds more? Find me that Bajan please and thanks! We'll wait. He or she would need his or her Bajan passport revoked.

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